Walk-A-Thon Updates

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Walk-A-Thon Updates

Postby grace04 » Thu Feb 16, 2006 10:05 pm

Hello Walk-A-Thoners!

I wanted to send an email with several updates for you. I am so thrilled by the WAT BUZZ that has been flying across my screen.... I have received several emails from many of you with sponsor updates, t-shirt logos, brochure requests ..... the energy is amazing! I am so excited about all that you are each doing and so grateful for your hard work and energy!!!

Here are a few updates for you:

The registration brochures are ready to go with the exception of the final logo. We did have a logo designed by a woman, Cassie Stokes, out of Iowa. Cassie herself was affected by Preeclampsia and was very excited to help us design the logo. Thank you Cassie! We are working with the PF graphic designer to get it in line with all of our design specs, and then the brochures will be ready. We hope to have them out to you next week. If you have not yet done so, please email Kris Stevens your walk date, time, location, and contact info you want printed on the brochure. Kris will customize the brochure for your site and send you a PDF so you can print them and pass them out.

A few of you have begun sending me logos for the t-shirts already. Thank you so much! I am starting a file by city so I can track each site's logos. Please feel free to keep sending me your sponsor logos for the t-shirts as you get them. I will send out specs in a separate email once I finalize with the printer.

Joe & I attended our first committee meeting tonight for the March of Dimes walk-a-thon. He & I will be working the St. Paul, Minn walk site on Saturday, April 29. It was very interesting to be a part of their committee. They are much, much larger than us of course, but we are going to be able to learn a lot from them. One idea I received from them already is what they call their "Flyer Frenzy." On Saturday, March 11, they are asking as many volunteers as possible to show up at the local MOD office and they will be each assigned an area within the city. Then in pairs, they will take WAT brochures, MOD fliers and signs, and walk from store-to-store and ask the stores to display their signage and WAT brochures. I thought this was a GREAT idea and wanted to share it with each of you in case you wanted to organize something similar in your area.

My local MOD chapter has also agreed to work with us to allow us to either put WAT brochures and PF brochures in their walker's bags (if they have them... they haven't decided yet) or at a booth at the WAT site. This is great since the St. Paul walk has 1000 people and the Mpls walk has 2500 walkers. Great exposure and hopefully more registrations for the PF walk! Since the MOD walk is two weeks before the PF walk, the timing is perfect.

Hopefully by now you have all received your brochures and awareness bracelets. I recently received a shipment of HELLP brochures from the HSS. I know a few of you asked for the brochures from HSS directly, however, HSS wanted to make only one shipment so they sent me 700. To help save on shipping I would prefer to send you each some HELLP brochures with the next shipment I send out to you.... If anyone feels they must have the HELLP brochures prior to that time (which will be closer to the walk date), please let me know.

Have you turned in your insurance requirements to Kris yet? If not, please be sure to do so ASAP!

As a reminder, please send Kris your site goals (# walkers, $$ raised). This will help us with the budgeting process.

We will want to start getting press releases out in mid-March. I will prepare a draft and email out to you all within the next week or two.

Our next conference call will be in early March. I will get back to you soon with a date.

Thank you!

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