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Follow Up Test -Long Term Recovery

Posted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 06:58 pm
by bobbi

Severe PIH/Class I HELLP Survivor 6/02. While my inital recovery was quite extended after a few months I felt normal. I continued to feel normal for 2 years. Now I experience incredible stiffness and discomfort that it has me wondering about what follow up I might need to explore. I am an active and physically fit person, who has trouble now moving from a chair and can barely walk when I get up at night. It is alarming and doesn't add up.

I am active with HELLP Syndrome Society but new here. In general, I am not finding much dialog about what experiences people are having a couple+ years post HELLP.

What are the tests people have had? Most interested in hearing about other's experiences.

Thank you,