My daughter turns 3... Thank you all.

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Re: My daughter turns 3... Thank you all.

Postby Lee2011 » Sat Jul 30, 2011 01:23 pm

Sending a large **HUG** to you both - enjoy the day!!!
Mother to baby boy Lee born 12/3/2011 after emergency induction at 38weeks following diagnosis of severe atypical HELLP syndrome. Having come within hours of losing both our lives every smile is a celebration.
Baby sister Paige c-sectioned at 38 weeks with no signs of HELLP :)

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audrey s.
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Re: My daughter turns 3... Thank you all.

Postby audrey s. » Fri Jul 29, 2011 02:34 am

Mine turned 16 a couple of weeks ago. Every year, at 7:34 on July 12, I pretty much still cry on cue, or at least get misty-eyed. This year, she wasn't even home; she was in San Francisco at camp!

I still remember; her birth was quite traumatic for us both and we both bear lifelong scars and challenges as a result. And, other than the days when I would cheerfully trade her in on another model, :roll: , I am very, very grateful for the gift of her (and my) life.
Mom to Rebecca, now 16 and honor student. 37-week, two months in NICU for her thanks to NEC and meningitis. One month in hospital for me, HELLP syndrome and severe hyper-reflexia. All healthy now, more or less!

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Re: My daughter turns 3... Thank you all.

Postby lilysmommymindy » Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:56 pm

Happy 3rd Birthday, to your daughter! What a blessing we are reminded we have when we celebrate the day our lives changed forever! My HELLP baby turns 3 at the end of the month and it amazes me how I still think about the experience so much and how much it has impacted my life! Like you, I am so thankful for these forums. Have fun celebrating!

DD#1 Lily Adrianna: 8/28/08 Born 36wks 0days due to Class 2 HELLP Syndrome and Severe Preeclampsia via csection. 4lbs 10oz 17in
Fortunate to have a healthy baby and mommy, no NICU needed.

DD#2: Tatum Nicole: 8/6/10 Born 39wks 5days Scheduled CSection Preeclampsia and HELLP FREE!
7lbs 3oz 20in
Took Baby Asprin between weeks 20-36 and was co-monitored by MFM & OBGYN

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My daughter turns 3... Thank you all.

Postby ajpratt » Thu Jul 28, 2011 05:38 am

My daughter turns 3 on Sunday... Do I even need to complete that sentence? You ALL know what I am feeling because you have all felt it, too. As I go through the preparations for her party, I get weepy because I relive everything that happened. I thank God everyday for our outcome, but you know the bag of mixed emotions I have right now. I am so thankful I found the PE forums because you all let me cry and held my hand and offered hugs and made me feel normal again. Thank you all.

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