Doctor's appt and vascular consult...

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Doctor's appt and vascular consult...

Postby kylesmom » Fri Jun 18, 2004 05:57 pm

Hi everyone, just thought I would give you an update to my medical paranoia. My chiro was worries that I had a partially occluded artery and won't adjust me until I get it checked... worried I could stroke out... nice. [:(] I met with my doc today who referred me to a vascular specialist to decide if I need further testing of my vertebral artery b/c of my symptoms, etc. I went in armed with my HELLP(ful) handouts and my list of things I wanted to be tested for. I felt a little silly- told him I didn't want to be an internet hypochondriac, but that I would sleep better if I could rule some things out. I'd like to know that my aches and pains, etc are simply due to the fact that I am handling a 23lb. 10 month old all day long!

Anyway, he ordered these blood tests:
~ANA screen (antinuclear antibodies)- a 'screen' to identify up to 100 types of antibodies that attack our own cells
~Glucose random- blood sugar, diabetes screening
~Rheumatoid Factor- for lupus, sarcoidosis, RA, liver disease
~SED rate (sedimentary rate of the RBC's)- for inflammatory or rheumatologic disorders
~TSH # (thyroid stimulation hormone)- for thyroid disease/issues

Seems pretty thorough, right? Did he leave any out? If all comes back ok, can I just stop worrying?

I read someone's posting that said it could take quite awhile for the results to come back... they were vague about that and said they would call. We shall see!

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