What is your family history vs yours?

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby atvlady » Wed Sep 04, 638926 7:08 am

My mom had severe Toxemia with me at the age of 31, I was 36 when I had my pre-e and HELLP. I believe the maternal factor does play a role in what the offspring endures.

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby missingjasper » Wed Sep 04, 638926 1:33 am

As far as I know I'm the first one one either side to get Pre-e/HELLP. My husbands grandma (his mothers mom) did have a still born at six months, but she never wanted to talk about it so we don't know and will never know the cause.

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby missgamecock » Tue Sep 03, 638926 11:25 pm

My mom had it with all three pregnancies. It was just protein and high bp with her. All of us were late (those days they let you go REALLY late cause I was due 3/17 and was born 4/16!). They didn't induce necessarily due to pe. My youngest sister was born on her due date and was not induced. My mom had been in the hospital with her a month before she was born. I remember staying with my grandma. Her bloodwork was ok. Just really really high bp. She has insane bp now. Like she will run 200/140 on three different meds on a daily basis. SCARY. She is also insanely overweight. She has a really bad heart. She just had a defibrillator put in. The cardiologist said she had the largest upper part of the heart he had ever seen! This is at a well known medical university in Charleston SC.

My aunts on my dad's side had it. All babies were born at term and they had mild pe. I don't think they were even induced for it.. None had bad blood work.

I have heard that my grandmother on my dad's side had it. All babies were term and ok.

Me- I got it severely and had partial hellp and almost died with Kirsten. When I look at my labs from then, it is like OMG almost every single lab is bad. Not bad but really bad. Even my ob when he finally got them (6 mos after Sara was born, 6 years after Kirsten was born) was very very surprised. I think he was relieved I was not his patient then. I had severe pih with Sara. I had mild pe when I was induced with Cate that turned into severe pe in the pp.

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby bkanglin » Fri Aug 23, 638926 3:50 am

I am the first on both my side and my DH's side.

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby jmom08 » Thu Aug 22, 638926 11:35 am

I'm very sorry for the loss of your son.
My parents aren't sure if my mom was officially diagnosed with toxemia -- my dad does remember the word mentioned, and my mom had swelling and was on bedrest at the end, but the OB let her go to 42 weeks (!) until deciding on a c-section. I don't think they were much aware of what was happening with her symptoms, they just trusted the doctor. I don't think my mom had complications with my younger sister. I seem to be the only one so far among my relatives with a recognized/confirmed case of PE.

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby jean » Thu Aug 22, 638926 8:57 am

Jules2-I ended up with Class I HELLP. I was sick for 2 weeks though before I was delievered. I had the URQ pain, vomiting, diarrhea, back pain, and a very slight fever. The URQ pain seemed to come and go-it was weird. I was tested for food poisoning at first :(, and then the next week I had the blood and urine work done-then hellp was detected.

I wanted to make this post to see what the trend was for having these disorders in families, and also to see what the trend was in these replies about how parents progressed with it vs their children. I was wondering if moms lasted longer in subsequent pregnancies if their daughters did as well. (Or if it has no bearing on things whatsoever) Or if moms had to deliver sooner with each pregnancy and if that was the case with their daughters as well..

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby sheri-ct » Thu Aug 22, 638926 6:05 am

I'm the first in my family and DH's

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby angieb » Thu Aug 22, 638926 5:23 am

My MFM didn't think DH's mom's case was related at all.

I don't think DH's mom's case was genetic either, for that matter. (Her mom had 6 kids, no PE.) She was in her 40's, it had been 14 years since her previous pregnancy, new partner (not DH's dad), and she had chronic hypertension going into the pregnancy. So she was pre-disposed to it (or at least had a lot of risk factors). Since her pregnancies #1 and #2 were without any signs of PE, I would think that if it were something genetic, she would have had it with her first pregnancy. (And, our cases are pretty much completely opposite. She had PE for weeks that went ignored/dismissed until it turned into eclampsia, I didn't have PE at all.) I'm pretty sure that I've read that when PE doesn't show up until a later pregnancy, it's usually because of an underlying condition that's untreated (in his mom's case, the hypertension).

I know the research doesn't exactly agree with me, but I'm attributing my case to lowish progesterone in the beginning when the placenta was forming, a super late ovulation (day 80+), and extreme stress. At least that's what I like to think, since I can fix those things :)

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby jules2 » Wed Aug 21, 638926 11:37 pm

I agree with Laura, you might be genetically predisposed due to your DH's family. Your baby had genes from DH as well as you after all (I am no geneticist though).

No close relatives in my family have ever had PE (though a cousin of my Dad's had it), but DH's mum was born a month early (induced), we think due to PE.

I am so sorry about your son Jean; many babies born at 28-29 weeks do quite well. Its normal to be scared after that experience (and how sick were you yourself?) Maybe give things a few months, speak with your MFM when you get all test results back and see how you feel then?

Best wishes

Jules xx

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Re : What is your family history vs yours?

Postby l412angel » Sun Aug 11, 638926 4:22 pm

To my understanding if your Husband/significant other's Mother had PE your risk increases wayyy more. Caryn may be able to explain this one

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