Was I on my way to HELLP?

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Re : Was I on my way to HELLP?

Postby caryn » Sat Jul 31, 638917 1:59 am

Could be. Proteinuria in the tens of thousands is definitely severe PE, and some women with severe PE develop a kind of superimposed HELLP syndrome. My liver enzymes were high but I didn't have very low platelets or hemolysis, so I wasn't a HELLP patient per se -- but I was developing some aspects of superimposed disease.

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Was I on my way to HELLP?

Postby jjones1333 » Mon Jul 19, 638917 2:16 am

In 2008 I had to deliver my son at 25 weeks 2 days from severe Pre-e with elevated liver enzymes. The doctors told me that my protein was in the tens and thousands, but not how high my enzymes were. I remember though the night before my delivery they told me about it and the doctors said that if they went any higher they would deliver me that night. If they stayed the same it would be as early as possible the next morning. I guess they didn't go up any more since I delivered the next morning.

Was I on my way to getting HELLP?

Nothing in my medical papers said anything about it. They didn't even say that I had Pre-e. Only PIH.

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