Has anyone had more kids after suffering HELLP

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Re : Has anyone had more kids after suffering HELLP

Postby haileysmom » Fri Jul 18, 638628 3:00 am

I too had severe HELLP, and an abruption. Strangely, I never had the upper right quad pain, even when liver enzymes were at 800+. I had very few symptoms which is one of the reasons my 2nd preg was so scary but it went well w/ no issues (other than my labile BP but I have that anyway). My signature has the answers to your Q's on 2nd preg. No, issues, went to term. Heathly baby before and after preg. Good luck :)

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Re : Has anyone had more kids after suffering HELLP

Postby atvlady » Mon Jul 07, 638628 6:28 pm

I am curious to what other survivors are going to say. I had severe HELLP with my last pregnanct, my first born BUT my was very very early, at 20 weeks. And we are TTC sometime this month so I am very curious!

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Re : Has anyone had more kids after suffering HELLP

Postby missgamecock » Mon Jul 07, 638628 3:15 pm

I had partial hellp and have had two more babies since then. I was sickest with my first. With my second my liver enzymes had started to go up but no protein. With my 3rd, my liver enzymes were fine but my uric acid was high (uric acid was high in all three pregnancies). I had partial hellp because my platelets were ok. I had hemolysis and high liver enzymes.

As far as your questions:
1. How was the pregnancy this time? 2nd - Severe PIH and high liver enzymes and uric acid, no protein. 3rd - mild pe, high protein and uric acid. Bp was nuts all three times.
2. Did you develop hellp again? No
3. did you go full term with the baby? Not yet
4. Did you do anything different this time? Became more educated and involved with my care. I logged my bps, symptoms, and protein levels. I called my drs when things were off. I have drs that I trust with my life and the baby's life. They do not take chances with me or my history. I did a LOT of bedrest this last two times. I would not do bedrest the first time despite the military dr pleading with me to.
5. How was the baby before and after birth? 1st - I think she was ok. I was in the ICU room in L&D and don't remember much. I do remember her being in one of those incubator things with the holes where your hands go. There was a NICU team there at delivery. She ended up being ok. Dh ended up taking care of her because I was too sick to. In Belgium, they do not have newborn nurseries. I remember the drs saying it was me who was sick, not the baby. She did have failure to thrive and asthma issues. With my 2nd, it affected her as she began having decels and I had another emergency delivery. She was kept in the nursery overnight for monitoring because she was a 35 weeker. She was fine afterwards. She did have jaundice and was rehospitalized at 4 days old. With my 3rd they took her before anything could happen while I was still mild. She was kept in the nursery again for 24 hours for monitoring because she was premature. She was bagged when she was born because the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. She was jaundiced too. She has some medical issues but they are not from prematurity or pe.

Betsey is pregnant now (onfaith) she had a placental abruption with Sophie. You might want to email her through her profile.

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Re : Has anyone had more kids after suffering HELLP

Postby caryn » Mon Jul 07, 638628 12:14 pm

Allison, welcome to the forums.

A lot of our posters have had HELLP and then subsequent pregnancies. It sounds like you had HELLP in your third pregnancy? That's unusual -- docs will often tell you it's mostly a disease of first pregnancies -- but we've got a couple of other posters with similar histories.

Here's a link to a discussion by our Experts on recurrence rates, and a recent forum thread on some new research. I've also tossed a bunch of the good links into my .sig file.

There's no known therapy or cure for these diseases apart from delivery; it's thought to be caused by an immune response to the foreign placenta.

Welcome again.

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Has anyone had more kids after suffering HELLP

Postby alley » Mon Jul 07, 638628 7:05 am

It will be 3 years tomorrow that I suffer from an attack of HELLP syndrome. I also suffered placenta abruption as well. Let me say this, the pain I suffered under my rib cage with hellp was above and beyond the worst pain I have ever endured in my life!!! I have two healthy little girls and delivering them was easy compared to that! For me that day is my nightmare but at the same time, it's one of the happiest, what a contradiction, hey!? Nightmare because of hellp and happiest because I got to hold a baby that I thought I would never get to hold because I was told that she would not live, not only that I was told I wouldn't make it through the night either and yet here I sit tapping these keys. My question is for anyone who has had HELLP syndrome and then went and had another pregnancy afterwards.
1. How was the pregnancy this time?
2. Did you develop hellp again?
3. did you go full term with the baby?
4. Did you do anything different this time?
5. How was the baby before and after birth?
I've heard it helps to prolong this disease by taking lots of calcium and drinking 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea a day. This isn't factual, only what I've heard, Has anyone heard of this.
I'm asking because I missed my period and may be expecting!
Any answers would be so greatly appreciated thanks!!

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