for anyone with low platelets

Have you suffered from HELLP syndrome or had a pregnancy complicated by an underlying disorder? Discuss your concerns here
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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby jenmatt1 » Fri Dec 11, 638916 5:43 pm

I had platelet count of about 20,000 - I had 2 transfusions- one a day after emergency c-section another 2 days after surgery. I was covered in bruises all over my body and only after I got the 2nd transfusion did I actually start to feel better.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby preemomof2 » Sat May 16, 638629 9:13 am

I delivered @ 35 weeks, my angel was 4lbs 4oz. My platelet count was at 22.000 I had placenta abruption and a hemorrage before they took me to the OR. I received 2 units of platelets and lost about half a litter of blood.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby tree » Wed Jun 22, 638625 3:05 pm

My low count was around 40K, and I never got any transfusions. They had me on Decadron instead. I was still anemic about 8 weeks after delivery, and I don't know if that has resolved yet. My platelets were back up above 100K by the time I left the hospital.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby jenprzygoda » Wed May 18, 638625 4:10 pm

I had class 1 HELLP and my low platelet count was 15K. The brought blood and platelets into the OR for the emergency c-sec, but I was fortunate and didn't bleed out. I had the platelet transfusion the next day.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby jlcaterina » Fri Jan 26, 638610 7:57 am

Hello All

I developed the HELLP syndrome with my last child, a baby girl born on March 13th, 2008 just shy of 32 weeks. I thank my lucky stars that she is healthy and enjoying her life.

A year has gone by, and I can't seem to wrap my ahead around the event. I am looking for some answers, but can't seem to find them.

My question is, they said my liver platelet level was at 8 and the norm is 16. I cannot find any information with numbers that correlate to what they said.

Can anyone help me out here? I am trying to figure out how bad it was.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby keirasmom » Sat Sep 09, 638609 4:51 pm

I received 2 units four days after delivering. They were hoping my levels would go back up on their own. I was allowed to go home the next day.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby yellowroseo » Wed Aug 30, 638609 6:40 am

I received a 5 pack of platelets when my level got below 20,000. The lowest was 14,000. They then started me on steroids too and I rebouded quite quickly. My hgb was low too but they said as long as I wasnt symptomatic I didnt have to get PRBC's.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby seeyre » Wed May 14, 638606 2:09 pm

I had sudden onset of HELLP and within the 5 hrs I was at the hospital and they were figuring it out, I bottomed out at 13K for platelets. I know I had platelets and plasma before my c-section - but I was really out of it and couldn't see well due to the mag they put me on. I'm not sure what else I got. I'm finally going to request my file to see the details. I think I'm finally ready to read what my husband can't talk about.

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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby goldiemom » Wed Apr 30, 638606 8:57 am

I am thankful that my husband has my same blood type as well. Just in case I need something he can donate.

emersons mom
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Re : for anyone with low platelets

Postby emersons mom » Mon Apr 21, 638606 8:02 am

I had 2 transfusions and since my blood was not clotting, they would not do an epidural and I had to wait for the c-section about 2 hours while my blood thickened up, and the peri said he was going to be quick....I was admitted for the emergency c-section with a lab of 49,000 but that blood was drawn 4 days prior to delivery and at the hospital the number that I heard was 27,000 at the time they were prepping me for surgery. It took 48 hours after delivery and platelet transfusions to get me above 100k....but then the rebound was quick....i was above 200k in another 12 hours....I had asked my peri if I should donate blood at about week 20 since I knew we were having a c-section, he said "no one ever needs blood for a c-section" typical! My husband has my same blood type and when the peri sent us to the hospital for the transfusion and c-section, he asked if he could donate the blood/plasma I needed and the peri said there was not enough time.

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