Questions about HELLP labs

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Questions about HELLP labs

Postby tahoe4 » Thu Apr 22, 2004 07:52 am

I received a copy of my hospital records from my last pregnancy and I was diagnosed with Eclampsia (which I already knew). There were a few things that were a bit concerning. It said "Patient's liver enzymes are elevating and platelets are decreasing". Then on the next page it was referring to the day after and it said the patients liver enzymes continue to elevate and platelets are continuing to decrease. I found the lab results, but I'm having trouble reading it. I recognized the platelets (PLT) results, which were 206, 177, 94 and 107. I know platelets should be higher than 150 so the last two readings are low enough for HELLP. But I can't figure out which test is for liver enzymes. What is the abbreviation for the liver enzymes test and what level would they be at if I had HELLP? Also, what about the "H" in hellp? How is that measured and if it's also a blood test, what would the abbreviation be for that.

No one ever mentioned HELLP to me, but after reading my hospital records, it's looking a bit like maybe that's what i had. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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