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Re : I'll be in the DC area (Arlington VA)

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 637364 4:13 am
by susan belisle
Yeah I am in. Carly left her Dora Backpack at Melissa's (Carly pronounces her name Lissa) so we HAVE TO get together. Plus Carly wants to bring presents to Lissa's house. It was fun last weekend. But I do feel a little weepy about things. Just my place in all of this that is.

I'll be in the DC area (Arlington VA)

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 637364 3:38 pm
by missgamecock
Ok ladies, it is official. I'll be in the DC area 04 Dec-09 Dec (Sun-Fri) I can travel back on Saturday if I want too. Anyone want to get together? I know what hotel I'll be at and it is in Arlington, VA (civilian, not military). So I can email offline about that.