Fort Worth area perinatologist

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Re : Fort Worth area perinatologist

Postby ladybug76135 » Sun Mar 26, 2006 02:43 pm

Welcome! I can recommend the group I used. I was very nervous too after having delivered my 1st at 28 weeks due to severe PE. Dr. H saw me at 10 weeks and ran a bunch of labs and then closely, closely monitored me and the baby. At 34 weeks he asked me if I wanted my regular OB to finish out the rest of the pregnancy or him. I chose my regular OB because I actually liked the hospital he worked at better than the other (it's just way too big for me, but is the best for high risk antenatal and preemies). I made it 3 more weeks before we had to deliver because my BP was creeping up along with my proteinuria.

There are several other docs in the group. I only met one of them. They all are a little "unique"- they look like old hippies. But, they are considered the best in Ft. Worth.

Feel free to email me,

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Fort Worth area perinatologist

Postby heatheraleece » Sun Mar 26, 2006 01:32 am

I am considering having another child and I am looking for a perinatologist in the area. I see so much contradictory research and really want to have another child but do not want to put myself, or a child in danger. My husband is really concerned, I was on bed rest with preeclampsia with my first for 3 months and delivered him healthy at 32 weeks by c-section. I would love any comments from those moms who have had another child after preeclampsia, or are thinking of having another one. My OBGYN said I have his okay but an article I read said to get a perinatologist to look at your previous pregancy medical records for risk rates,etc... I would love to be a part of the Fort Worth Group.

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