Looking for a Peri in my area

Dawn D
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Re : Looking for a Peri in my area

Postby Dawn D » Thu Mar 15, 638001 6:42 pm

Hi Jennifer,

here is the website that PF usually refers people to http://www.smfm.org/
Type in Phila and you will see quite a few listed who are affiliated with the major hospitals/facilities. or try any other city ....are you too far from the Lehigh Valley/Allentown/Bethlehem?

Hope this helps.

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Looking for a Peri in my area

Postby jenseib » Thu Mar 15, 638001 1:35 pm

I live in Southern New Jersey. Cumberland County to be exact and I was wondering if anyone out there has a recommendation of a good peri in the Philly area. If so please email with the name.
Thanks a Bunch!!

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