New and Question for the Ohio Girls...

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Re : New and Question for the Ohio Girls...

Postby miracle3 » Thu Jul 06, 2006 01:18 pm


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New and Question for the Ohio Girls...

Postby luckyrose » Wed Jul 05, 2006 07:00 pm

(I also posted this in the Ask the Experienced and was directed to poste this here as well!)
Hi...I am officially de-lurking as of today. I have been reading these boards for quite sometime and have decided to take a leap in! Briefly about me...I was pregnant in 2002 and started developing high bp around 26 weeks. Protein showed up shortly after and our daughter was delivered by c-section at 28 weeks 5 days (2 lbs 2 oz). Thankfully, she only spent 7 weeks in NICU and we are so blessed to have a completely healthy and happy little girl. However, that little girl is turning 4 in October and I am having that 'baby urge.' I have underlying hypertension and I have met with my primary care doc, my OB/GYN and have had "The Meeting" with a Peri. We found out I have PAI-1 so I have started taking Metformin for that. The Peri I saw seems to know what he is doing, but, I feel pretty limited here. Our daughter was born in Columbus, but now we live in the Akron area and I am not really familiar with the hospitals here and the quality of their NICUs, etc. I was wondering if anyone on here was from the Akron area and had any insights. I am probably going to post more of my TTC issues in that forum, but wanted to say hello here. Thanks for any help you can give! You can email me direct any names of docs/hospitals if you know of them, since I guess we can't do that on the boards. Heather

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