Minnesota Walk-A-Thon - What a great success!!!!

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Minnesota Walk-A-Thon - What a great success!!!!

Postby grace04 » Sat May 07, 2005 11:05 am

I am so thrilled with how the event went in Minnesota today!!

I have seriously been crying since it all ended – tears of joy, emotion, completion, and a general overwhelming feeling of all the support. The Lord totally blessed our day in so many ways!! We were expecting severe weather and I was so concerned this morning that it would wreck our walk and/or affect attendance. Well, the rain held off entirely until after the walk was over and we had almost 120 people attend – with 30 of those people being on-site registrations!!! When everyone left for the walk I stayed back to get the food set up and when I looked across the lake I saw a sea of white t-shirts and it warmed my heart to think all these people came out to support our cause!! Our bake sale brought in over $200, and we also sold over $200 in the Promise Shared stars! Plus I didn’t realize how many people collected pledges for the walk – I don’t have totals but I DO know that it was well over $2000!!!!! Also, the walkers told me that as they were walking, passersby would stop and ask them what they were walking for and what Preeclampsia was. That is exactly what we were hoping for!!!!!!

We have LOTS of photos and even some video!!!!

Thank you SOOO much for all the many volunteers who helped make this day a huge success. I could have never done it without you!!!! [:D]

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