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Re : 2006 Ann Arbor Walk-a-thon

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 637966 2:52 am
by hellpful_me
Sorry for the confusion, Sue. This was the walk-a-thon info for last year. I edited my personal home phone number out of the above message, which bumped the post up to look new. Although I have been involved in planning the last two WATs in Michigan, I won't be able to this year. I believe that our State Coordinator, Sarah, already has one planned for the Detroit area, which I will gladly participate in along with family and friends.

Re : 2006 Ann Arbor Walk-a-thon

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 637685 5:30 pm
by timelessbeauty
Woohoo! WATs Up Michigan! This is great news to share and thank you for your efforts to put on another Walk-a-thon! It is always excited to see renewed success with the locations each year!

Keep up the great work!

2006 Ann Arbor Walk-a-thon

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 637656 1:04 pm
by hellpful_me
Once again, Ann Arbor will be a site for the Preeclampsia Walk-A-Thon on Mother's Day Weekend. The event will take place at Gallup Park (Bernard Mass Pavilion) in Ann Arbor, Michigan at 10:00 a.m. on May 13, 2006. Those interested in participating are urged to contact the Preeclampsia Foundation's local coordinator, Jennifer Crane via email at Walk-up registrations will be accepted at Gallup Park on May 13.