WAT Meeting

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Re : WAT Meeting

Postby mada » Fri May 31, 638289 3:12 am

Hey John...Hope you and Brenda are doing well. I am not sure what I can do from here...but if there is something please let me know. I will be attending the walk again this year! Look forward to seeing you all again.

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WAT Meeting

Postby shellysmomdad » Sat Jun 19, 638286 2:28 pm

I know this is very short notice, and for that I aplogize.
Anyone interested in helping with this year's Walk (Davenport, Iowa site), we are having a meeting on Saturday, Feb. 16, at 11am, at Happy Joe's in Bettendorf. If you are wanting to help but cannot attend this meeting, please contact me.
Thank You.

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