Midnight & Baby Movement

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Midnight & Baby Movement

Postby timelessbeauty » Sat Dec 18, 2004 09:55 am

Granted I'm not yet 19 weeks but I have heard that starting at 19 weeks you can start to hear the baby through a stethoscope. So last night after working until Midnight at the department store, (And yes what are people doing shopping until 12:15am?), I came home to test out my stethoscope. I tried and tried to catch a faint heartbeat but instead all I did was catch heck for making him move from his comfortable spot. I pressed and poked and no heartbeat just yet but that didn't worry me. Then I tried to roll over and go to sleep, OUCH! Someone had shifted and suddenly I had extremely painful round ligament pains on my right side. OWIE! I think that was his way of saying, "You know I'm in here so quit poking me!". So I owe the kid an apology for disturbing his rest but hey, I was curious ya know? Not to mention that apprehension that strikes us all when you don't feel movement for a bit and need to reassure yourself that all things are well.

Paranoia in motherhood, it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? hehehe

Well, I think I "smell" my littlest character of the house so I must go change her before things get out of hand. My cats had the reaction when I brought her home of "are you replacing us with another animal mom?". I have a feeling I will see that same reaction in her when I bring home a boy, "What's this you brought home mom? It won't stop screaming!". Hehehehe


PS I forgot to mention I handed out my specialist's name and business last night to a customer at the department store. She said she had hoped to be buying baby clothes this Christmas but so far no luck. She asked how far along I was and I told her I look further along than I am. We discussed how I was high risk and I poufe from day one due to family genetics. She confessed she had lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 pregnancies around week 8. She said she never seems to get any further than that. I told her that I had lost a baby boy due to stillborn death and Pre-e two years ago but with the treatments and watchful eye of my Peri, I was able to have a healthy baby girl last year and we were trying again for another success story. I gave her the name and business where my Peri works and told her I couldn't remember his number off hand but I know he's in the book. She thanked me and I wished her good luck. I know what it's like to want children badly.

And on another note, a gal at my workplace is adopting two children. I am not sure if she can have her own or not, but either way I am on the crusade to see that she gets a nice "baby shower" for adopting these two kids. The kids are not babies but still young and I think every "mom" deserves to have a nice party to celebrate the fact of having children bless her life. I'll have to find out more detail on ages, genders and such to plan a proper party but I know it will be so great to honor her with a celebration! It doesn't matter how you obtain the children that come into your life, it's the fact that they love you and call you their own that makes it all worth while. I pray she can get them for Christmas! Say your prayers for her, please?

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