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Re: Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 04:48 am
by momof4as
I'm going to ****. I went to **** and had a horrible experience there, I wast there for 6 hours and could barely drive home afterwards... plus the attitudes were horrible. So I am seein the **** ppl who come to **** on tuesdays...

Re: Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2012 03:50 pm
by amjon
Joy, have you asked them to refer you to the Maternal Fetal Specialist? There is one at **** and **** Hospital has one, so it wouldn't be too far for you.

Re: Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2012 06:24 am
by momof4as
I am also in Central florida Daytona area. I have three children, my first two were PE free born at 37 weeks. my youngest was born at 35 weeks three days after the onset of severe PE, I had been showing s/s since 24 weeks. I am pregnant by accident with number four. I am currently 28weeks and am doing the Labor and Delivery Yo Yo, my BP's are high (sometimes 150/95) and I have proteinuria, I'm on meds currently. I absolutely HATE Pe.

szavella, you are so right, the Health care providers down here do not have the knowlege they need to educate patients, or even treat appropriatly. I don't think they understand PE, they know what it causes but most I talk to have no idea how to handle it. They are stuck inside a box of three pages in the medical books about it.

So Frustrating.

Re: Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 08:03 pm
by amjon
I am in Central Central Florida. My new OB thinks my daughter (delivered stillborn on Dec. 29, 2011) died because of HEELP syndrome. We are trying to conceive again and he will monitor me closely and induce early if needed.

Re : Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 05:34 pm
by kristofire_labile
hello everyone! I am kris from melbourne beach which is in brevard county. mel-boring beach as we call it. It's a nice place really, but it is surely boring. the closest wal mart is 25 miles. I am on the south beaches.

Anyways, Everytime I have an appt. with my pm doctor my blood pressure is through the roof! were talking 200 over 135. I am not postive on the bottom number because he is mostly mentioning the top every visit.

This has been going on for the past 8 months. I have never had high bp, never! So I started monitoring it myself and what do you know, it's perfect. I went to 4 places one day and checked it at: wal-mart,publix,target, and winn dixie. I logged it and have been doing this ever since he says its very high.

So he sent me to my primary physcian and at the time I went to the va clinic and had them print out my blood pressure results for the past year. They said, alittle high, but not that bad.

Well. now at my last visit the other day it was 200 over something and he had me lay down for 15-20 minutes to re check it before I left. So I did, and it was fine after my 15-20 minute relaxation period in one of his rooms with the lights off.

Now, for the fun part. I have to go to my primary physcian and tell him that my PM Doctor said I need to be on BP medication because I have labile blood pressure. Then he said he want another lipid profile for my cholesterol test and a note from my physcian that I went to.

So I asked, " What if my family physcian doesn't think I need to be on blood pressure medication and during my visit, my blood pressure is normal"?

I check my blood pressure twice a week for the past 6 months at publix and wal-mart and it has been normal. He makes copies and puts it in my file as well. which is fine, I have no problem. He is strictly by the books.

So if my BP is normal in a few weeks when I see my primary family DR. we'll see what he says. I am not a DR., but it is normail everytime I check it , so I do not know whats going on. I probably have "white coat syndrome" and I don't even realize it.

Any advice, recommendations, input much welcomed and appreciated.

hello everyone, again!

thank you, kris

Re : Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2005 10:23 pm
by szavella
Hello! My name is Susan and I am also from Central Florida. I was undiagnosed with preeclampsia, thankfully went into labor 3.1 weeks early, delivered a healthy baby girl then had postpartum seizures when my daughter was 4 days old. (I was home alone at the time) I realize now what a blessing from God my beautiful daughter is and that I am lucky to have survived!

Introduction- Central Florida

Posted: Tue May 24, 2005 04:07 pm
by jjmccreary
Hello Central Floridians! My name is Jeni McCreary and I am the Group Coordinator for Central Florida for the Preeclampsia Foundation.

Three years ago, I gave birth to my angel baby at 31.4 weeks (daughter- Halle Christene). I had severe P/E with the onset of kidney failure. My daughter weighed 3 lbs, 9 oz. and was in the hospital for approx. 5 weeks. The nurses in the NICU called my daughter, “Little Miss Feisty” and let me tell you- Halle Christene is living up to her nickname! She is our angel girl and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. Both she and I are healthy and happy.

I went through the P/E experience deciding I was done having children. However, when Halle turned two and in the spirit of blessings… my decision changed. I went to my high-risk doctor who ran some tests and we had long conversations about P/E. The tests returned with a 30-50% chance of getting severe P/E again. Yikes. My husband immediately shook his head “NO” and said, “We’ll adopt”. While I agree that adoption is something to look into… I still have a longing in my heart to carry a child on my own. I started doing research and felt like I had to turn the negative frustration about this disease into positive education and proactive action. You can imagine my surprise to find lack of education, lack of awareness for pregnant mothers and the Healthcare industry. It was equally surprising to realize not much government funding for research, prevention and cures is being afforded or championed!

That is why the PE Foundation is so amazing. They are an incredible group, working at so many levels to champion the fight for awareness and education surrounding this disease. I want to encourage networking, the sharing of ideas, stories and suggestions to PE Foundation or myself. It is so important for us to get to know one another and work toward the common goal: education of Preeclampsia and other pregnancy-induced hypertensive illnesses.

I wish I had known someone was available to share with me, visit with me in the hospital for those weeks prior to delivery, to help me understand that I was not alone in this battle. You are not alone if you are going through PE or pregnancy-induced hypertensive illnesses. Please reach out!

Thank you for taking the time… it starts with just one. Looking forward in hearing from you real soon!

Best Regards,

Jeni McCreary
Group Coordinator- PEF Central Florida

31.4W Severe P/E, 1 daughter (age 3)