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Re : Sunday, April 29th, Family Picnic

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 637976 6:10 pm
by josiah1112

We were honored to meet you and your lovely family!!We had a great time.It never ceases to amaze me when I meet other preeclampsia survivors the bond we share.We must do it again.

The day was absolutley gorgeous.It is for days like that that we moved here to Florida!!Ah, to hit the beach while still in April!![8D][:D]

PS.We missed you,Alli!

Re : Sunday, April 29th, Family Picnic

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 637976 2:07 pm
by liza
Hi Gloria,
I sent you an email! Can't wait to meet you on Sunday!
Liza :)

Re : Sunday, April 29th, Family Picnic

Posted: Fri Jun 25, 637976 8:30 pm
by josiah1112
Hi Liza!

We will be there.Please e-mail me any pertinent information and the cell phones.Thanks!

Sunday, April 29th, Family Picnic

Posted: Tue May 11, 637976 11:29 am
by liza
Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to give an update on the Family Picnic @ Ft. DeSoto...I am helping Alli organize this since she has so much going on! It will be on Sunday, April 29th. We are going to try to get there early and get some picnic tables and grills. We were too late to reserve anything. We are going to try to set up @ East Beach. When you get to where you have to turn left or right, turn left. We will try to bring some balloons or something to help us stand out! If you have any lawn chairs or small folding tables that would be great to bring too!

If people want to start coming around 10 am that would be great. We are planning on spending the day. Please bring something to cook on the grill, drinks and a side to share.

Please let us know if you plan on coming! If you are, I will give you our cell phones so that no one gets lost!

Hope to see you all! :)[8D][8D][8D][8D]