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Re : Well how did it go?

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 10:39 am
by kylesmom
Hey Kim! I am sorry you couldn't make the meeting too! Kris did a great job summarizing. This is the first chance I had to get online since Fri. I will be sending out minutes to everyone sometime this week. I hope you have a great holiday, Ladies, see you soon!

Jennifer 33
Kyle born 8-13-03 @ 38 weeks (PE and Class I HELLP)
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Re : Well how did it go?

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 09:13 am
by kdreher
We had the meeting and it went pretty well. We had a new lady join us, Janet, she is nurse who lives in Middletwon. Had PE with all 3 pregnancies..her oldest is 14, youngest is 8. Jennifer will send out notes from the meeting for those that couldn't make it. Next meeting is Jan 21..I think. She also wanted us to get a list of maybe 5-10 contacts at area hospitals, clinics, etc that she can contact regarding posting our meeting flyer and then brochures. We talked about raising money through the letters to family and friends and seeing if we can get a donation of printing services for our own flyers for the PF. I'm going to contact Foxwoods...see if they can donate $$$ or services. They have their own newpaper so maybe we can get a mention in it as well. I'm going to ask my dad to make a banner for the organization so we can use it in the future. We talked about attending expos for women or hospitals in CT just to have a booth to get the word out. The booths cost $$ but maybe we can get a hospital to sponor us. We just threw ideas out there.

We missed having you, hope all went me soon, okay. Enjoy the holidays.


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Well how did it go?

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 07:15 am
by shelbys mom
Sorry I couldn't make the meeting, how did it go? was thinking of you all, hope all is well and please let me know when the next one is, thanks so much

Kim, mom to Shelby 32 weeker due to pree-e, and hellp, WOW she is now three