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Re: Future pregnancies

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 641151 6:35 am
by ErinGysbers
Thanks for your response eleni! So happy to hear that you successfully had another! We do have an amazing doctor and hospital who I know will watch me closely. We had an appointment with my doctor and it gave my husband more hope and he's considering it now! Erin

Re: Future pregnancies

Posted: Sun May 20, 641151 10:59 pm
by eleni
Hi Erin,

I bet you could get a lot of different answers to your situation from our community. It's a common scenario and often the dads are the ones who are most worried. My husband was ready to be done because we lost our daughter in my first pregnancy and had preeclampsia and a NICU baby in the second one. But I really didn't want an only child. Long story short, we have two boys and are done, but it took spending time with doctors to get second opinions, checking for underlying conditions that might have put me at higher risk, and ultimately finding a team of doctors who gave me - and my husband - peace of mind that we would be closely watched. If you can get those medical assurances in place, it makes dealing with the emotional stuff a bit easier. At least for me, it did. You could have your husband read some of the posts in the Dads section of this Forum to hear some of the various perspectives.

I realize this is THE time to be considering this. The birth interval for your babies would be considered ideal by healthcare providers.

Thanks for coming to ask these questions... you found the right group who have all "been there"!


Future pregnancies

Posted: Sun May 20, 641151 2:58 pm
by ErinGysbers
Hi all! My name is erin and my baby's name is Mason. He's 15 months old now. I had preeclampsia and hellp syndrome during my pregnancy with mason. I developed hellp syndrome at about 32 weeks and delivered Mason at 36 weeks because my hellp syndrome became so bad my ob worried about me and my baby. I was rushed back for emergency surgery to stop bleeding after delivery and Mason was taken to the nicu. He was in nicu one week and both of us are fine healthy today. Understandably, my husband is scared to death of having another because he had to watch both of us get rushed away shortly after delivery. Of course I'm scared too but want another little one so badly. I've always seen myself having two babies and I know that's a silly reason for wanting to risk it again but it's how I feel. Anyone else have experience with this? Have another baby after preeclampsia/hellp? What was your experience? Thanks! Erin