Need your help for Annual Fundraiser 10-10-09

Dawn D
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Re : Need your help for Annual Fundraiser 10-10-09

Postby Dawn D » Sun Sep 29, 638622 10:59 pm

Hi Teresa, it was nice to speak with you by phone (and through email) about this project, our policies on posting, and the wonderful work you do to help victims of such loss.

We appreciate the donations you make to PF annually and look forward to continuing working together to make a difference.

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Re : Need your help for Annual Fundraiser 10-10-09

Postby blznbec » Thu Sep 05, 638622 6:30 pm

Everyone, please support Theresa and Makayla's Foundation. Her Foundation has been a supporter to the SD WAT for the past two years, and I hope we can repay her by supporting her organization who helps Preeclampsia victims and survivors.

You are doing great things, Theresa. I won't be able to make the fundraiser, but will be sending cash support (I received your flier)!

Good luck!

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Need your help for Annual Fundraiser 10-10-09

Postby makayla01 » Fri Aug 16, 638622 2:15 am

Makayla's Haven Foundation is a 501(c)(3) is having its 5th annual Fundraiser on Oct 10,2009 at The Commerce Casino in the City of Commerce. Makayla's Haven assist families with financial support and help relieve some of the stress, when having a child in the Neonatal ICU. We assist by giving food & gas cards as well as hotel stay close to the hospital.If a baby passes away we assist with funeral costs. Makayla was my baby girl who passed away due to prematurity complications. I had Preeclampsia at 24 weeks and it immediatly turned into Eclampsia. Although proceeds from this particular event will go directly to the families, Makayla's Haven donates to PF annually and has been given permission to announce this event.. All we need is volunteers for 6 hours on October 10,2009. You can email me at or call me on my cell at 323-497-1188 for further information. Thank you and God Bless. Many people have called since this post and asked if they could donate items for raffles and our auctions. Yes, just give me a call and we can talk about it. Thank you.

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