TV opportunity for SoCal older moms

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TV opportunity for SoCal older moms

Postby eleni » Tue Aug 11, 2009 09:26 pm

We are working with the producers of The Doctors - a health related national TV show that tapes in LA - on a very specific angle for an upcoming show. We are looking for a mother who had preeclampsia and is now older with a grown daughter of her own -- ideally the grown daughter is newly pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. The story is all about conveying your pregnancy health history to your offspring, to help them understand their own risk factors. Also, for older moms who had PE, the need to understand their higher risk for heart disease, diabetes, etc. b/c of their PE history. Please contact the PF office (800-665-9341) if you fit the description or know somebody who does (maybe your own mother?).

thank you!

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