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Re : NEA Paragould

Postby rachel a » Sun Nov 07, 637982 10:10 am


Hi! And glad to hear from a fellow Arkansan. It is so sad the effects that PE has on our bodies and our babies! I am so very glad that Raven is doing so well and becoming an even larger peanut!

I am little dumbstruck that your doctors never picked up on anything... especially with the weight gain. And you mention that your bp was normal... was it normal for your pre-pregnancy, or just what's considered norm? Some women don't have alarmingly high pressures, just pressures that are considerably high than their pre-preg pressures.

In any case, glad that you have found us! And congrats Raven!

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NEA Paragould

Postby devonkali » Sun Oct 17, 637982 10:40 pm

Hey! You know I didn't realize how bad PE could be. Makes me realize just how lucky I am! My name is Leisa I live in Paragould,Northeast Arkansas. I found out I had PE the day I went to the hospital bcuz of contractions, 9 days before my due date. They hooked me up to blood pressure and fetal monitoring and left me in the observation room for hours! My doc was real good though. Checked on me between all of his scheduled C-sections that day. (Lord knows the nurses didn't seem a bit concerned) After 5 hours, I still hadn't dialated more than 1. The contractions were stronger and less than 2 mins apart. (**** nurses kept telling me I wasn't in labor!) Had +1 protein spill, and BP kept going up. When it got to 185/113, he gave me the option of a C-section or going home. But strongly recommended the C bcuz of my BP.

Every thing seemed so normal. Still no idea that I had PE. In the OR, after doc announced there was meconium and that he needed a bag. I'll never forget what he said next, "She's little!" And yes, he sounded surprised. Because of the meconium, I didn't hear a cry for what seemed like forever as they suction her lungs. When she finally did, I cried. At 39 weeks, I delivered a beautiful baby girl, Raven Lee, 4lbs. 12oz., 18 1/2 inches long.

I got to see her for a only few seconds as my husband was on his way to deliver her to the nursery. 7 hours later, I got to hold her for the first time.

My doc explained that preeclempsia had "reared it's ugly head", told me that I had a placental abruption which was responsible for the low birth weight, and that I needed not to get pregnant again within the next year. He was relieved that I opted for the C-section. He said that at Raven's size, she might not have made it thru the birth canal.

They ran test after test on Raven. She turned out to be perfectly healthy. She's growing like a weed. She's only six weeks old and is already up to 9 lbs & a little over 20 inches! She earned the nickname Peanut from my doc and the pediatrician!

I read everything I could find on PE and cried every time. I keep thinking back on my PG. Keep thinking that something could have been done. Something should have told us something was wrong. BP was never really high, and the few times it was, it returned to normal while I was at the DR office. I did gain 27 lbs in the last two months. And I kept telling everyone that my diet had not changed. I was swollen and tired, but those seemed like normal pregnancy issues, not only to me but to my doc as well.

But I guess I should just count my lucky stars. My husband Jim, Dr. *******, and Dr. ********...all stars in my eyes. And the brightest one of all, with her Daddy's eyes, Raven

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