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Re : Leslie (LGW)

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 09:30 pm
by melissam

I wanted you to know that I have been thinking alot about you also. I hope things are going well for you. Drop me a line sometime...or I guess I could drop you a line once in a while too. [:D]

Sending many hugs your way.

Re : Leslie (LGW)

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 06:54 pm
by hannahsmom

Glad you and dh were able to spend some time together.
We should all get together over the holidays. I have time off between Chrismas and New Year's.

Take care-

Re : Leslie (LGW)

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 09:12 am
by lgw
Thanks Suzanne. It is so strange how anniversaries make everything so real again. DH and I had a really good weekend and spent a lot of good time together. On the first anniversary, DH and I went to New Orleans for the day only to come back and find out that my cat had been run over while we were gone. So this year’s anniversary was definitely better than last year’s. Needless to say, I’d like to get out of Nov. w/out anything bad happening. Thanks again for thinking about me.

What is everyone doing for the holidays? Will you be in town? Jackie, I just recently saw your post about the regatta. I don’t know how that one slipped by me. How have you been?

Leslie (LGW)

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2005 08:03 pm
by hannahsmom
Leslie - I thought about you on Friday. I'm sure it was a tough weekend. Let us know if you need anything.