Terrified of pre E in my next pregnancy!!

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re: Terrified of pre E in my next pregnancy!!

Postby tree » Fri Sep 07, 639877 3:41 pm

Hi Nic, Welcome to the forums!
I think it is perfectly normal and healthy to be nervous or scared about getting pregnant again. Your doctor is usually your best resource for information on the odds that Pre-E will recur, but there are some general guidelines. The first one is that Pre-E tends to be less severe and occur later in subsequent pregnancies. This is good news if you developed it late in your first pregnancy. The second thing that may work in your favor is the "two year window." Many doctors believe that getting pregnant within two years after delivery reduces the odds of developing Pre-E. Pregnancy causes a remodeling of the spiral arteries, and this can lead to better implantation, which reduces the chances of Pre-E. None of these things guarantees that you won't get Pre-E, but you have a few things that would work in your favor.
Your doctor may have some thoughts on testing for underlying disorders that could predispose you to developing Pre-E or on ways you might reduce your risks by improving your health. There are a bunch of threads on the board about testing for underlying disorders, and those are worth discussing with your doctor. My doctor and I chose tests based on my family history and symptoms. It seems like very few of us get an explanation from that testing, but it is worth doing in many cases because it may enable you to understand and/or manage your risks more effectively if they find something. Doctors also have varying opinions on how closely we should be monitored. Most seem to agree that a consult with a high-risk Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) is a good idea to help develop a monitoring/treatment plan. Good luck with your decision!
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Terrified of pre E in my next pregnancy!!

Postby Everlongimagery01 » Thu Jun 07, 639877 6:48 am

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I've also had Pre E in my first pregnancy. I consider myself fortunate as we have a healthy baby girl and I recovered without developing Eclampsia after her birth.
My husband and I want to start TTC at the end of the year as our little girl is now almost a year old. We want two children and even though I only plan on becoming pregnant one more time, it still feels like a huge risk. There really doesn't seem to be enough research done in this area which scares me even more.

I developed Pre E later in pregnancy and delivered at 38+5 and although the thought of getting Preeclampsia again makes me feel ill, I could handle developing it again later in pregnancy but the possibility of getting it earlier or more severe terrifies me! Being a completely healthy 24 year old when I first fell pregnant and still getting Pre E was a huge shock and a massive blow to my confidence as I felt weak and like my body was letting my baby down.

If anyone has any information on how closely we are monitored in subsequent pregnancies and what tests and things they do differently I would love to hear it!

Thanks everyone!


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