Trying for our 3rd?

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re: Trying for our 3rd?

Postby sam10 » Thu Jan 07, 639554 1:09 am

The re-occurrence rate isn't a simple formula, unfortunately :( and, as it has been said, depends on different factors. One of them being your severity and time of onset (according to my MFM). The earlier the onset, the higher your risk (again according to my doc). Having said that, my doc decreased my risk due to the fact that I am healthy, and have no underlying disorders or risk factors. So, I think it might be best to start out by seeing your OB or even better a MFM for a pre-consultation, so your personal physical status quo and PE history can be evaluated for a re-occurrence rate that applies to you.
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Re: Trying for our 3rd?

Postby ktsl123 » Thu Jan 07, 639554 12:46 am

My Dr told me that once you have PE one time that you have the same amount of risk in every pregnancy. My Dr told me around 80% of not having it in any pregnancy after PE.
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Re: Trying for our 3rd?

Postby tree » Thu Jan 07, 639554 12:17 am

I am sure that someone will post a better answer soon, but it is extremely difficult to quantify risks for recurrence. Have your doctors given you any input on the likelihood that you could get PE again? Your risk will depend on whether or not you have any pre-existing conditions. Many of the women on the board see their OB or MFM for a pre-conception consult to discuss their risks and any testing that might be informative. I have to hope that one healthy pregnancy would work in your favor.
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Trying for our 3rd?

Postby jjones1333 » Wed Jan 06, 639554 2:28 pm

With my first pregnancy I had severe pree with elevated liver enzymes. I delivered at 25 weeks 2 days. With my second I didn't have pree and delivered via repeat c/s at 37 weeks weeks 4 days. Although, i did have low amniotic fluid towards the date leves at 7cm down from my average 11-12. Doctors dudnt seem concerned. Also, They say I can't go past that from my classical cut the first time. Anyways, weare trying for our 3rd in dec. what are the chances of getting pree again? I took baby aspirin and extra folic acid for my 2nd, so I'll probably do that again. I'm just afraid that my last was a "fluke" and that I'll get pree again even with precaution.

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