Sleeping meds while Pregnant?

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : Sleeping meds while Pregnant?

Postby aggie95mom » Sat Nov 26, 638929 4:30 pm

FWIW, Tylenol PM is just regular Tylenol with the Benadryl ingredients added (it's what makes you tired). I found that out before I had a script for anxiety meds and was told to take that to help sleep at night.

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Re : Sleeping meds while Pregnant?

Postby sheri-ct » Thu Sep 29, 638929 5:57 am

My OB said I could take Benadryl. I hope you find a solution......lack of sleep is no fun!

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Re : Sleeping meds while Pregnant?

Postby rebecca2 » Wed Sep 28, 638929 8:04 am

I was given Ambien (sp?) while in the hospital last year. I didn't take it the first few days, but my OB strongly encouraged me to take it after a few nights and said it was very safe for baby.

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Re : Sleeping meds while Pregnant?

Postby kellikbock » Wed Sep 28, 638929 7:56 am

This may be a stupid response /idea, but what about something like tylenol pm? I know that tylenol is safe, but I'm not sure about the PM ingredients. My doctor gave me a list of acceptable over the counter medications. Or, you could call a pharmacist and ask about that. I know that there are homeopathic options, but even those need to be approved by a medical professional.

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Sleeping meds while Pregnant?

Postby l412angel » Mon Sep 19, 638929 9:40 am

Sometimes at night I have trouble sleeping because of anxiety. Right now I have xanex to take as needed. I will obviously be stopping that. What is safe to take for sleep aid in pregnancy?

Has anyone heard of melatonin?

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