Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : worried

Postby jmom08 » Mon Nov 08, 638923 9:18 am

Basically echoing what Laura said -- I had a preconception consult with a MFM, and he did give me a % of getting PE again, which I believe he said was based on when I developed it last time. I wonder if that % is affected by other risk factors as well (age, etc.), although I didn't ask. He also talked with me about the likelihood that my PE would be better/worse if I did develop it again (in my case, chances were good that it would be better), and after my underlying condition / clotting disorder testing came back positive for a clotting disorder, he gave me his understanding of the % that treating the condition (with lovenox / baby aspirin) could further decrease my chances of PE again.

I am sorry for your experience last time -- I can identify with being scared (one of the reasons I love talking with others on the forums who understand!). I hope for the best for you in the future!

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Re : worried

Postby sheri-ct » Mon Nov 08, 638923 1:50 am

Hi and welcome to the board! I'm sorry for your scary experience, but glad to hear you both had a positive outcome. Your fears are very normal. Having a preconception consult is a great idea. I had one after my experience with pre-e and I felt much better after it. Please let us know if you have any other questions. You will find these boards to be very supportive.


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Re : worried

Postby l412angel » Wed Oct 27, 638923 10:50 pm

A doctor will speak to you before you TTC again. Its called a preconsult meeting I would say with an MFM Maternal Fetal Medicine who is a high risk ob. They will be able to assess your situation as well as give you a percentage on it happening again.

Were you tested for any underlying conditions? If not I would request to be before you try again.

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Postby xxrachxx » Wed Oct 27, 638923 12:16 pm

Hey everyone i'm new to the board. I had PE from 21 weeks with my daughter and was lucky enough for us both to come out happy and heathy at the end of it. nearly all the women on my mothers side of the family have had PE in their last few pregnancys so I feel having had it bad so early in my first pregnancy I think I am likely to have it again.

It's been nearly 6 years since then I have been terrifed of even thinking about ever having another pregnancy as I feel I might be tempting fate. I had my daughter in my late teens and i am now in my mid twenties and although I know I would love to have more children later down the line (not for a fair few years yet) I am terrified of getting PE again because i know alot of ladies arnt as lucky as I was with everything turning out ok .

Is there any way of a specialist giving you a % of how likely it is for you to have it again? especialy as i'm not actualy trying for a baby so not sure if a doctor would even consider speaking to me about my options before I am ready to try.

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