PE more likely at high altitude?

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Re : PE more likely at high altitude?

Postby amandaoasis » Thu Aug 15, 638920 3:59 pm

I also live in the Denver area and in retrospect, those weekly trips up to Estes Park while pregnant probably weren't a good plan.

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Re : PE more likely at high altitude?

Postby caryn » Thu Aug 15, 638920 12:43 pm

Yes, there's a correlation with altitude, probably because there is a correlation with hypoxia.

I'd check with an MFM, though -- a Denver MFM would know *way* more about this than I do!

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Re : PE more likely at high altitude?

Postby raspbeari » Wed Aug 14, 638920 6:35 am

I think it may have an affect? I live in the denver area as well, and am chronic hypertensive, and I notice when I go up to the higher elevations even for a little while I can get higher bp readings.. ie 8000 ft and above.
When I was pregnant I made sure to not go up in the mountains, just cause I know from experience it can affect my bp.
There is less oxygen in the air at higher elevations, and I guess that in general can put a little more stress on the body.

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Re : PE more likely at high altitude?

Postby jacksmom_erin » Sun Aug 04, 638920 2:23 am

I've never heard this but it is interesting. I had PE/HELLP with my first at a regular altitude and somewhat normal pregnancies at birth at both normal and high altitudes!

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Re : PE more likely at high altitude?

Postby tree » Sat Aug 03, 638920 11:24 pm

I live at 8500 feet, and I don't think the altitude was helpful. I always felt better at low altitudes while I was pregnant. I will never know if altitude aggrevated PE in my case. This paper suggests that altitude does increase the risk of PE, IUGR, etc.

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PE more likely at high altitude?

Postby stacylw » Sat Aug 03, 638920 8:31 pm

I've had 2 pregnancies- my first was induced at 35 weeks for severe PE (5.5 lbs). My second, 21 months later, was born by csection at 37.5 weeks (10 lbs). I had PIH in my 2nd pregnancy from 28 weeks until delivery, and PE set in at about 36.5 weeks although it was mild the whole time.
We moved to Colorado (Denver) recently, and are considering another pregnancy in the future. I've heard that its more likely to get PE at high altitude, so was wondering if that means living in Denver, I'll get PE worse or earlier, etc. Has anyone else heard about that?

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