future pregnancies(scared)

Are you considering having another child after preeclampsia? Trying again after preeclampsia can be an emotional challenge. You can find support with others who share your concerns here.
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Re : future pregnancies(scared)

Postby beth11 » Mon Feb 16, 2009 02:12 pm

I'm so sorry with your loss. I too had early onset HELLP - diagnosed (and first sign of symptoms) at 19w2d. I met with our MFM last week and he said he was optimistic about a future pregnancy. He said that, since the HELLP came on so early and was so severe, I was pretty much guaranteed to get some for of pre-e again- but hopefully it would be later and less severe. I'm terrified, but I think willing to try. GL to you.

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Re : future pregnancies(scared)

Postby jenniferf » Fri Feb 13, 2009 04:01 pm

Candace, First I want to say how very sorry I am for the loss of your daughter. I'm glad you found this forum. You will find a lot of great information and support here.
Just wanted to share my story with you, maybe it will help. I developed PE & HELLP in my first pregnancy at 21 weeks. My son was delivered at 24 weeks and unfortunately he did not survive. I too have CHT (which I'm taking medication for) and was tested for other underlying disorders, but they all came back negative. I was given a 30-40% chance of reoccurrence. My desire to have another baby was so great, it was a chance DH and I were willing to take. I am currently pregnant again and on Sunday I'll be 36 weeks. I’ve been on bed rest for several weeks as a precaution. I also had a classic caesarian so the current concern is to make sure I do not go into labor. My peri is taking about delivering this week or at the latest next week.
I really think it's important to have a peri you can trust. I know it's scary. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Re : future pregnancies(scared)

Postby lola1971 » Fri Feb 13, 2009 02:06 pm

i had hellp at 23 weeks but my peri never discouraged me to ttc again. in fact, he encouraged it. and here i am, 5 weeks pg again. sure i'm scared but i will be taken care of. i had no underlying disorders and my bp is fine. i think i am more afraid of having another loss vs hellp itself.

i didn't have a c-sec so i can't help there. but i am on low dose asprin as a precaution.
good luck to you.

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Re : future pregnancies(scared)

Postby kbunsey » Thu Feb 12, 2009 01:03 pm

I would say, don't rule out another pregnancy for yourself until you've met with another Peri or MFM. Maybe try finding one at a univeristy hospital - they seem to be very current on research and protocols for high risk pregnancies, including CHT, PE & HELLP. Many of us have had early PE and/or HELLP and are told that we can try for another pregnancy. I was. I'm now medicated for CHT too. I've been watching and reading the stories of women who go on to have successful pregnancies after experiencing a horrible tragedy such as yours. It is possible. I understand how scared you are - I'm scared too! But that's what the PE forum is for. I am sorry I can't offer anything about your c-section or specifically to HELLP. All I can tell you is that this forum will support you with whatever you decide to do. Take care of yourself.

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Re : future pregnancies(scared)

Postby hope08 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 08:56 am

Welcome!! This forum will give you support that is out of this world.I had my daughter at 21.5 weeks due to severe pe/hellp in Jan of 2007 My life was in the balance and needles to say our daughter didn't survive.Fast foward to now we took the leap and are currently 25 weeks(on Sat).No one ever advised me to not get pregnant again they did give me a 40% chance of reoccurence.I switched dr's about a month a half ago and it was mentioned that my uterus could rupture so his decision is to take baby at 36 weeks no matter what. The decision is a hard one and I wish you luck with whatever you decide.The most important thing is to find a dr.make sure that you trust him 100% and go from there.

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Re : future pregnancies(scared)

Postby brianned5 » Thu Feb 12, 2009 07:50 am

Yeah, I had my baby at 25 weeks due to severe PE and hellp. I believe my symptoms started around 22 weeks. I had a classical csection, which does raise the chance for uterine rupture. That is why I will not be "allowed" to go into labor and will have cesereans with all future babies. My peri told me there is a 10% chance of rupture if I were to go into labor, and sometimes the uterus can rupture even without labor, but my peri didn't seem very concerned. I was never told I shouldn't get pregnant again, just that I would be high risk and under close monitoring. I've seen numerous doctors and none even hinted that they didn't want me to get pregnant again. They said the chances of me getting it again are quite high, but they'll be there to take care of me and the baby. I would probably see another MFM specialist and see what they have to say. Good luck to you.

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future pregnancies(scared)

Postby cmreed3 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:52 pm

hi. i am new to this forum. had hellp syndrom at i believe 23 weeks 3 years ago. as far as i know it came on suddenly.but I do remember having migranes and seeing spots weeks earlier and what i remember from pictures and friends, I was very swollen for only 20-22 weeks. i was rushed to the hospital where i almost died and my daughter had to be delivered of course too early to survive. We adopted a little girl a yr later but my husband and I still have a strong desire to try and safely and successfully have another child.I met with one MF specialist but I left unhappy and crying with advice that I didn't want to hear. I had a series of blood test which all came back ok. The only thing I do have is hypertension now. I've had it since I delivered. I'm wondering if I had an underlying condition of hbp and the pregnancy made it show itself sooner. But does anyone think that could be the cause of me having the hellp. Some dr's told me since I had it so early and so severe I should not try again. But the desire still remains. However, the fear has taken over and I'm not sure if i'm really willing to try or take the risk again. Another issue is that the dr said since I had such an early c-section, my uterus could rupture. Has anyone heard this or had this problem.

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