Effects of 17-Hydroxyprogesterone on TNF-alpha GH

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Effects of 17-Hydroxyprogesterone on TNF-alpha GH

Postby caryn » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:40 am

...Progesterone abolished TNF-alpha-stimulated ET-1 from endothelial cells. TNF-alpha-induced hypertension was associated with significant increases in renal and placental ET-1. Administration of 17-OHP attenuated TNF-alpha-induced hypertension and decreased renal ET-1...


Well, *that's* interesting. The previous investigations into progesterone dosing in humans with gestational hypertension didn't result in a theraputic effect, IIRC, but apparently this particular version of progesterone blocks one particular part of the cascade in gestational hypertension (not the soluble Flt portion, but the TNF-alpha portion) and might be useful as a therapy, though they'll have to run a trial so see if it works in people as opposed to rats. And even if it blocks that part of the cascade, it might not have any effect on the progression of the disease (which would explain nicely why progesterone hasn't seemed to have a theraputic effect wrt the progression of preeclampsia per se.)

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