novel trophoblast-enriched sFlt1 variant is upregu

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novel trophoblast-enriched sFlt1 variant is upregu

Postby caryn » Mon Apr 06, 2009 04:00 am

...sFlt1-e15a emerged as an alternate transcript of Flt1 late in evolution with the insertion of an AluSq sequence into the primate genome after the emergence of the simian infraorder about 40 mya ago. sFlt1-e15a is particularly abundant in human placenta and trophoblasts and is also highly expressed in non-human primate placenta... Consistent with a role in placental pathophysiology, hypoxia stimulates sFlt1-e15a expression in isolated cytotrophoblasts and in a trophoblast cell line and differentiation into syncytiotrophoblasts further enhances the effect of hypoxia. Placental levels of sFlt1-e15a and sFlt1-i13 transcripts are significantly elevated in patients with preeclampsia compared to normal pregnancies...

So that would explain why we're the only ones who get it; we've got more of this particular gene variant expressed in our placentas than other primates. (That means we've all got it, but it gets turned on more often in ours...)

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