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Re : Nursing

Postby momathelete » Fri Aug 01, 2003 05:33 pm

Reglan is supposed to help too. I was on Fenugreek and Reglan and it did not help me, but it is supposed to help. My lactation consultant was a militant and could not accept that I was trying my darnedest to nurse, I was just dry. Anyway, Reglan can be prescribed by a doc and there are no effects on the baby.

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Re : Nursing

Postby angelkat » Fri Aug 01, 2003 02:26 pm

You might also want to try drinking Root Beer (any brand) it does help. At the NICU when Katlyne was there all the mom's were drinking the soda machines out of RB it was so funny.

Good Luck

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Re : Nursing

Postby laura » Fri Aug 01, 2003 01:13 pm

I'm all for the fenugreek- it got me going for a while

(until we went away for the night, and I tried to hand express instead of using my handy-dandy machine every three hours- and the milk just sort of petered out.)

Cam didn't get the hang of sucking well until right around her due date- it was like- a light switch was flipped and she 'got' it. By that time, though, my supply wasn't enough to keep her occupied.[:(]

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Re : Nursing

Postby bonnie » Fri Aug 01, 2003 11:40 am

Yoni never learned to nurse and so I pumped for 6 months. (They kept telling us that he'd learn, wait until he would be 37 weeks, ok, now he's 37 wks, some babies aren't born until 40 weeks so he should get it then, no wait, some babies wait until closer to 42 weeks before they "arrive" so he should get it then. . .[:D] You get the picture . . . he NEVER learned!! So, instead of crying each time because I wasn't letting down quick enough for him I decided that all I really cared about was getting him breastmilk, and I honestly didn't care how he got it [;)]. --my dh jokes that we had a VERY LAZY child on our hands and made all kind of jokes about not wanting to nurse [}:)]).

I used Fenugreeke too to help with my supply when I started to notice that my supply wasn't matching his need (i.e. we were needing to go to our "stash" to make it through the day). I also tried pumping more often (to try and simulate a growth spurt) and drinking even MORE water (if you can imagine!!). Long story short by about 4.5 months I just wasn't able to meet his needs and we needed to start supplementing about 1 bottle a day with formula (about 6 oz). I don't think that's what you wanted to hear, but that's what happened.

By 6 months, I was exhausted from my "pumping" (or double duty as dh would refer to it) schedule and still needing to wake a few times a night to keep my supply up when ds was now "sleeping through the night". I decided that it was time to start weaning. It didn't take long at all for my body to adjust and by 7 months he was weaned completely. In my "ideal" world, I would have liked to bf him for 1 year and have enough "stash" to get him through another month or two. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards for us . . .

I hope this helps!

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Re : Nursing

Postby angela demoore » Fri Aug 01, 2003 10:47 am

My little one is 15 weeks today, I nurse solely, as she refuses the bottle. I was worried a) about the amount of feedings she was wanting during a day and b) the amount she was getting during a feeding - hence why she was wanting to feed so frequently. My answer lies with fenugreek. Seemed to help boost my milk supply, and I know it has worked with other women!

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Re : Nursing

Postby catherine » Fri Aug 01, 2003 07:58 am

I was just wondering if Janie actually likes to nurse? Do you give her a pacifier? The best way I know to sustain a good milk supply is sufficient nipple stimulation to trigger that feeling of "let down". The more "let-down" you trigger the more milk you make. I learned that the hard way when pumping for Finn. Even if you trigger it yourself by manually stimulating that works fine. It makes the pumping easier and faster too, you're doing half the work and the milk just gushes out! 2-4 oz is barely an extra feeding so you can't be very far from matching the supply. If you can stand to let her suckle "just for comfort" after you nurse her, I know that sometimes you just need to get your hands back, that might be sufficient to make up the difference. Maybe she acts hungry because she just wants to suck "for fun"?

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Postby paljane8 » Thu Jul 31, 2003 09:46 pm

I see so many posts with nursing questions and suggestions. I thought we could start a thread.

I do have a question though. Here is a little background first. I pumped exclusively for almost 6 wks and I really struggled with establishing a good milk supply. Janie only had practise nursing sessions because she wasn't strong enough to draw milk. She has only been nursing well for about 3wks now. (She will be 12 wks on Mon) I still have to suppliment 2-4 oz a day. This is my question; will my supply ever meet her demand or will it always be a struggle? BTW, the lactation specialist doesn't think that 2-4 oz shy is that big a deal. But, the kicker is that Janie seems hungry so often after I feed her that it is frustrating for me! Anyone have any answers or similar experience?

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