Colostrum Poll

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Re : Colostrum Poll

Postby pugmommy7 » Tue May 04, 637047 10:15 am

I had a redux too!
I bf, but suppliment 8-10 oz per day formula,ebm or bm from a donor.
You could very well induce lactation.
Many adoptive mamas do with success with kids older than your dd.
It will take a LOT of hard work, and possible pain if she has any teeth;)
but it can be done.
Herbs like fenugreek,blessed thistle,goat's rue and fennel can help w/ supply until it is established.
a drug called domperidone can really bring on supply.
you may not have a full supply, but you could.
a good lactation cosultant can help.
I know there is a yahoo group for moms who stopped and want to resume/start.
Good luck.
Where there is a will there is a way!!!

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Re : Colostrum Poll

Postby denise » Mon Apr 12, 637047 4:30 pm

I had a breast reduction in 99, and was not able to BF Ariana. I just didn't have enough milk ducts left. I leaked colostrum for about 4 days the week after she was born and that was it. I never got any milk in.

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Re : Colostrum Poll

Postby sweetiesuzy » Mon Apr 12, 637047 3:20 pm

YES! I have heard all types of stories. THey say that years can go by and you can still breastfeed. Your body has the capability and you could do it if you needed to. I guess that is how women were "wet nurses".

It is so amazing and empowering to know we could feed babies/children if we needed to.


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Re : Colostrum Poll

Postby deerhart » Sun Apr 11, 637047 3:27 pm

I have heard of woman still experincing let down YEARS after they stopped having children. Personally I could still get drops over a year after I stopped bfing Alex, so it does happen hehe


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Re : Colostrum Poll

Postby arj » Sun Apr 11, 637047 2:31 pm

It's very normal to be able to express milk for months after, and as far as I know, there are very few drugs that will prohibit you from nursing. A lactation consultant should have a book which lists these drugs. And as you can see, T successfully nurses while on BP Meds.

It's hard not to feel guilty when breastfeeding doesn't work out the first time, but that's not to say that it won't when/if you decide to have another baby. I would discuss it with your OB/Gyn next time around and see if you can meet with a lactation consultant for some advice as well.

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Re : Colostrum Poll

Postby angelkat » Sun Apr 11, 637047 1:29 am

Casey is 3 months old and I Bf him. I have been on BP Meds for a number of years now. You just have to make sure it's a safe drug for Bfeeding....

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Colostrum Poll

Postby celticepona » Thu Apr 01, 637047 4:52 am

Okay, just curious. Who here who did not breastfeed thier child for whatever reason, continued to express colostrum for MONTHS after thier baby was born? I was seven months PP as of yesterday, and I can still express drops of colostrum from my right breast...COOL!

A part of me still feels depressed that I never breast fed. I went to the doctor last week, and my bp was 135/103, so my doc upped my Altace from 5mg daily to 10mg. I know that as long as I am on those meds I can't nurse, but the fact that I still have colostrum still gives me a spark of hope...I guess.

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