Slow weight gain and genetic abnormalities - SUPPORT NEEDED

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Re: Slow weight gain and genetic abnormalities - SUPPORT NEE

Postby glimmer » Thu Aug 03, 638952 6:17 am

Thanks for your reply! I guess I was so happy I made it fullterm (after being diagnosed at week 21 with preeclampsia...)
that I thought I wouldn't need to worry about weight gain any longer...
And I have not come to terms yet, why the first thing we check out is genetic abnormalities rather than let's say a blood test.

Good point about the food. I always thought children don't starve themselves and while it is important to me to offer health foods and
have proper sit-down meals, I do think it's in their competence when they stop eating. (And ultimately it is.) But I felt I was expected to be pushier... Luckily have lots of family around during the holidays and they get to feed the grandchild... That's relaxing for everybody and she
likes to be fed by them, if just for the novelty.

I have heard about the growth hormone deficiency. Thank you. Very interesting about the ears. Maybe they seem to stick out more when their are skinny??? I guess all my instinct say she is fine, but would my instincts work for things I don't know about. That's the big insecurity
I have.

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Re: Slow weight gain and genetic abnormalities - SUPPORT NEE

Postby mnmom » Wed Jul 12, 638952 7:44 pm

This is the perfect board for hand holding and support!!! First, as scary as it can be, I am always happy that our ped is somewhat over cautious. Sounds like your little one is right on track except for size. My girls were both pretty tiny up until middle school, running between 5 and 10% weight. But, they stayed on a pretty consistent curve. As long as she is meeting developmental milestones and seems happy and healthy, I wouldn't worry too much. That said, I would definitely take advantage of the medical advances out there and meet with the specialists. My husband's niece had growth hormone deficiency, which was diagnosed when she was around 18 months I think. I was just looking at some old pictures and even commented about her "yoda" ears! All of this was before I joined the family, but from what I understand, she took growth hormone-in a shot form, I think, until she hit puberty. I can tell you she is a beautiful 20 yr old college student today and a normal height and weight.

I wouldn't obsess over food and getting her to gain weight. As she gets closer and closer to that magic age of 2, if she is anything like my girls, she will figure out that food and what she eats is a great source of power. The more I worried and pushed, the less they would eat. Keep offering lots of healthy options, along with her favorites. And try not to cry when all she eats for the day is the coating off of one chicken nugget.......

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Slow weight gain and genetic abnormalities - SUPPORT NEEDED

Postby glimmer » Wed Jul 12, 638952 11:55 am

I know this is not exactly the right board to post on, but I don't think there is something like the "right" board.
And here there is at least a lot of mothers (fathers) that have experience with slow weight gain.
DD was born at 38 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. She was 6lb 3 oz at birth, something like 50th percentile.
She is now 15 months and very small, way, way below the first percentile. She has been dropping through the
percentiles continuously and steadily. She is still growing, not plateauing, but at a much slower rate than "normal".
Her head circumference is growing on the 10th percentile and her height on the 25%, which is a relief.
There are many small women and men in both our families and I have a small head (have to buy bicycle helmets for children, but somehow managed to get a PhD :-) ).

Otherwise her mental and physical development in the normal range. So, I was completely flabbergasted when the pediatrician suggested
we rule our genetic abnormalities. The wait for an appointment with a pediatric geneticist is months, but will come up finally in January.
I like the pediatrician and trust her and she sais there is nothing specific she has in mind, but just wonders. Oh, yes: our daughter
has unusual ears: there are formed completely normal, but are not against her head, but perpendicular to it. We call them Yota-ears and I am very fond of them. We dont know of anybody else in our family who has ears sticking out like this.

So here I am - freaked out and scared by the unknown. Most of all I need support and a bit of handholding until the appointment, but I also have questions:
Has this happened to anybody? Does anybody know of a board I could post on? What are your tricks with regard to weight gain of underweight babies? Is out pediatrician over-reacting?

I have been trying to put some weight on her using all methods imaginable. Somehow I thought if she only gains some weight, this threat will go away. She is very happy but knows exactly when she is done eating (she shakes her head ad sais "no,no"). I feel I have to back off a bit, so she is not getting an awkward relationship to food. (She eats very little, but loves it and eats with appetite. She also drinks very little milk. Offered cow, soy, goat and continue to breastfeed.)

Thanks for listening!

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