Anyone with reflux experience?

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Anyone with reflux experience?

Postby ann marie » Sun Jun 27, 2004 08:29 am

Hi Mommies,

Do any of you have experience with reflux getting worse with age. My Luke is 14 weeks old and has been on Zantac and soy formula since about 4 weeks old for the most part he has been doing well. As of about 2 weeks ago he started crying (screaming really) again during feedings, arching his back, and now he has been voimiting 1-2X daily which he never did before. The pediatrician upped his Zantac dose last week to 1.8 ml twice per day. She said if this does not help (which it has not) we may have to change meds.

Do any of you have experience with reflux worsening with time? I thought it was supposed to get better. Plus I worry about having him on too many meds, etc. But we can hardly deal with his fussiness and screaming anymore.

Any thoughts or experience with this?

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