update on Samar and me

So, the baby's born, what comes next? Discuss your postpartum and parenting concerns here.
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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby blythe » Fri Sep 30, 638929 8:05 am

Good to hear from you, Su!!!

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby debbie78 » Mon Sep 19, 638929 7:10 am

Aw, Su-- it's so good to see an update from you! I've been thinking of you and wondering how SamJam is. I cannot believe he is one. ONE! Seriously?!
I'm sorry to hear he's been battling so many illnesses. Rylie was the same way and it was rough. I hope that now that the weather is getting nice again that maybe he'll come out the other side of it now.
So, so glad to hear that things are going better with your mom. <3

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby wrennie » Wed Sep 07, 638929 7:55 pm

awww, Sue! I think about you guys all the time too. Wondering when we all might be back on the pregnancy boards!? (what am i nuts? I sound like Sabrina!! :))

I hope your dizzy spells get better, i used to have that alot too and its awful!

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby joker » Fri Mar 07, 638927 4:50 am

Glad to hear you are both doing ok! Wow! 14 teeth! Keep us posted on the vertigo, I worry about you! Much love to all three of you.

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby mnmom » Mon Feb 24, 638927 4:30 pm

Su, so great to hear from you!

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby jmom08 » Sun Feb 23, 638927 7:25 pm

Hi Su, congratulations on your son's birthday! I also hope you are able to get help with your health!!

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby heather j » Wed Feb 12, 638927 9:33 am

Su, so good to hear an update from you. He's such a gorgeous boy. And those teeth - we know about teeth! Both of mine cut four at a time until they were all in; that's the first thing most people would say when they'd see Ella ... "look at those TEETH!" LOL. I'm glad to hear that you and your mother are finding yourselves in a better place. I hope you're able to pin down what's happening with your health.

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Re : update on Samar and me

Postby rosalinda » Wed Feb 12, 638927 1:55 am

Hey Su,
I think about you often as well, than you for stopping by and giving an update on you & Samar.

Wishing you always the best.

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update on Samar and me

Postby suleaf » Sat Feb 01, 638927 6:55 am

I think of you all almost every single day.

Without you, I would not have made it through. But life has been so crazy and things are so hectic!!!! I miss you all soooo much though! And so excited to see all the posts from new mommies.... hope all is well.

Samar turned one on April 10th. We had a traditional Indian party for him, nothing major. He's doing wellish- it's a bit hard because the dr is worrying about his constant delay in hitting milestones- no words, no attempts to pull up or walk, and falling off the growth chart is apparents some markers for some concern. He said we would schedule an eval at 15 months, if nothing has changed. I think there are delays but he's mostly ok- he's happy, responsive, and interactive. It's always just taken him a while to hit milestones but he does hit them.... I can live with that. He's also been plagued with a series of sicknesses this first year- constant wheezing/airway issues, ear infections, colds, eye infections.... it's been hard on him. Hes battling illness more than doing baby things. He ALSO has a total of 14 teeth- with two more coming in this week.... all one year old molars are in!!!!! THat has been hard on him too.

I'm doing wellish too. Happy to be back at work- over the post partum for the most part because I've learned to live one day at a time. And just enjoy it. I've been sick with bad bouts of vertigo- REALLY bad bouts- where I've laid on hte floor and waited for my mom to come watch Samar. The good news? My mom and I are doing a lot better since Samar entered our lives. He adores his grandmother and it does create a sort of bond between my mom and me.

We are trying to figure out if I have Menieres or something else- and if it IS Menieres, then no more babies for me!!!! This vertigo and deafness thing is really hard.... yes, I need hearing aids, but it's ok. I am making peace with that.

Hope you are all doing well!!! AND THE BABIES TOO!

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