Food issues with my almost 2 yr old

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Food issues with my almost 2 yr old

Postby pld0804 » Sat Apr 24, 2010 07:54 am

You guys have helped me so much in the past with respect to the slow weight gain of my first little one, Holly, who is now 3 and still very tiny at 23lbs, but a great eater in terms of what she will eat, if not how much!

My son Ryan is where we need help. He will be two in June and is eating less & less things all of the time. His weight is fine, I'm just not happy how he's not progressing and I'm not sure his nutritional needs are being met. I have spoken with his doctor at every well-baby check up and he isn't worried because of Ryan's weight and says to just keep offering him things. We have another appointment next week, because it's just not getting better.

This is what Ryan will eat in a day: baby cereal (iron fortified) with prunes, pureed pears, toddler cereal bars, toast with butter and yogurt. That's it, we're down to 5 things for his meals. For drinks, he will have about 20oz homo milk in a day and juice if we're outside, but not before meals. For snacks, he will also eat toddler cheesies and some crackers/cookies. He loves chips, but that's something he sees only at parties. He won't eat meat nor any fruit & vegetables whole and never has.

Since Holly eats a really good variety of foods, Ryan gets offered two of the things she's getting on his plate at every meal. When he sees those items, sometimes he cries, sometimes he'll touch or pick them up, but most of the time he just ignores them. And he has never tried to put them in his mouth.

I believe the root of this problem is that during the stage where toddlers experiment with trying foods, Ryan had a very bad gag reflex. Anything he tried resulted in projectile vomit of everything in his stomach. And back then, if his cereal was too thick or thin, the same thing would result. He was probably doing that at least a couple of times a day at its peak.

I'm guessing we didn't manage the issue as well as we could have back then, because now we have an almost two year old eating what a one year old would be eating.

Because he's been following the 50th percentile for height and weight since he caught up, and is in fact bigger than his older sister, I don't think he gets the attention that he needs at the doctor.

I would truly welcome your advice! Thanks in advance.

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