How long did AF last once you had it after BF??

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How long did AF last once you had it after BF??

Postby mommy1st » Sat Apr 23, 638625 7:50 am

So how long did AF last once you got her after you stopped BFing? Here's what happened to me: I got a period in the beginning of July nothing bad, totally normal. At this point I am still BF. Then in August it came 2 weeks late so 6 weeks later I get AF and we are now on day 14!!!! Now I have stopped BF, since the beginning of August. I have been having clots too with it( sorry TMI). I know that clots can be nomal but they are there everytime I go to the bathroom.

I did call my OB on Friday and the receptionist told me that it's probably from BF and since I stopped my body is adjusting and to give it 2 more cycles and if it's not normal by then they will get me in to see my Ob.

What is your take or experience on this???

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