Cate's ENT appt

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Re : Cate's ENT appt

Postby suleaf » Sun Mar 17, 638622 8:22 am

Poor little Cate. Yea Sam Jam is really congested and it's from the acid reflux. You can actually hear him wheeze and fill up with it.... it's terrible.

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Re : Cate's ENT appt

Postby hols537 » Tue Mar 05, 638622 3:50 am

That sounds like such a hard day for you both! We had good luck with Prevacid for Alexander and I hope it helps some of Cate's troubles.

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Re : Cate's ENT appt

Postby amiejo » Sat Feb 23, 638622 2:27 am

so sorry that you both had to go through that...I hope all of this gives you the answers to make Cate feel better soon!

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Re : Cate's ENT appt

Postby sarab » Fri Feb 22, 638622 3:01 pm

Oh, poor little Cate! Sounds like a rough visit for all of you. I'm glad to hear you are getting some answers, Sabrina.

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Cate's ENT appt

Postby missgamecock » Wed Nov 24, 638619 2:23 pm

OMG, my poor baby. The dr was awesome. However, she thinks part of Cate's problem is reflux! She said even though she isn't vomiting or spitting up, that it can come up and down. That can cause congestion. Cate is SEVERELY congested. I told her she has been like this since she was 2 weeks old! This is NOT normal. She also says she is asthmatic and possibly has an underlying allergy issue. However, they can't find out what the allergy is yet because she is too young for the full spectrum of tests. Cate always has a light rash or when you touch her skin it turns red. She said the excema confirms quite a bit along with the wheezing and congestion and rash. So the dr looked at her xrays and said it wasn't a very good picture for her to look at to see what is going on, but the radiologist says her adenoids are moderately enlarged and narrowing her airway. So she wanted to scope her! OMG I had to hold my baby girl in a bear hug and the nurse held her head. They put a tube with a camera down her nose and part of her airway!!! Even Kirsten got upset and said mom are you going to cry? She said because Cate is so upset I think I might. The dr told us it was ok not to look. It turned out that Cate has so much congestion, she had mucous everywhere. The dr said she hadn't seen a baby this congested where she couldn't visualize ANYTHING! This is on Benadryl! She said our options were A) start her on prevacid and see if that helps her symptoms and try the scope again in a couple of weeks. If she is dried up, which she doubts, then she will scope her again to see her airway and adenoids. B) If she is still congested and full of mucous, then we will be going to the OR. In the OR, they will knock her out, suction all the mucous with the hospital grade mucous sucker (I have a battery operated one that she FILLS THE CUP ON. The dr didn't believe me till she saw all the mucous in her). Then they will scope her and do a bronchioscopy as well to see her esophagus. She thinks she has a floppy part to her mouth and the lower part of her esophagus. She said a medical term for it that I can't remember. She said that if she got in there and saw the adenoids are indeed narrowing her airway, she will remove them while she is at it. She said she would schedule the procedure on a Friday when I am off from work so I can be with Cate. OMG. It was so hard. I was emotionally drained and near tears when I went back to work today. She did say it is really rare for her to remove adenoids in a baby this young. She said that babies need their adenoids for immunity till age 3. That's why they wait till they are older. Obviously, if it is an issue, then they need to come out. She said it wasn't my fault. She sees these problems (though not to the extent that Cate was) all the time in full term babies. We talked about my pregnancy and I found out we both had the same peri (she loves my peri). She said if my peri thought that she needed to be delivered at 34 weeks, then there was a very good reason for it. She wasn't saying it because she's a dr, but because she personally knew her. However me waiting and hanging on till 36 weeks gave her the best chances. So it was a really hard appt, and I am dreading doing the scope again in a couple of weeks. For now we are going to wait and see about the medicine. They said to wait 72 hours for insurance approval. Then fill it. It takes a week to see if it starts working. We'll know more in a couple of weeks. I told the dr it was too hard for me to hold Cate like that (physically and mentally. She was wickedly strong and my left arm is still healing from being dislocated and sore and my right arm is weak from a car accident several years ago. I don't put a lot of weight on my right arm, like carrying Cate. I carry her in my left arm). She said Dad needs to come next time (he was in the waiting room). She said dad will hold her. You will sit next to me and hold her hand while we do the scope. So that was it. Poor Cate took over 2 hours to calm down afterwards.

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