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Re : Update

Postby annes » Mon Aug 26, 638622 9:40 am

Thanks for the update! What beautiful kids!

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Re : Update

Postby sonja » Mon Aug 26, 638622 5:38 am

I am so happy that things are going well for you and that you have such a happy little girl - enjoy every minute.

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Re : Update

Postby mommy1st » Sun Aug 25, 638622 1:54 am

AMY!!!! I am now just coming on here and came across your post! I think of you and Addison time to time! Glad to hear everything is well with you all and I just loved how we went through the pregnancy together and our little girls were born on the sameday!!!!

Keep us updated when you can!

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Re : Update

Postby kara » Mon Nov 22, 638619 3:35 am

Hey Amy! You haven't been gone that long, of course we remember you...but you have been missed! I'm glad to see teh good updates. we hope you stick around and share your vast knowledge you've earned, with others. Heck, I still haven't embarked on journey to baby #2 yet, so you gals that have are hero's to me.

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Re : Update

Postby sarab » Mon Nov 22, 638619 1:08 am

Amy, of COURSE we remember you! It sounds like you are all doing very well - that is wonderful to hear. I can't believe your little gal is 8 months already!

If you'd like to email me your avatar pic I can get that set up for you - we'd love for you to show off your kiddos!

Thanks for checking in, and don't be a stranger. We've missed you!

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Postby adgirl » Fri Nov 12, 638619 8:14 am

I'm not sure how many (if any) remember me, but I was an avid lurker and often poster until about 8 months ago when I had my beautiful baby girl. I had to stop coming here after researching forever and finally making the decision to have another - once I got through that pregnancy, I had to take a break from the forum - don't know why exactly, but at any rate - I think of you all often and am forever indebted to this community when I look into my baby girl's eyes!

My son (first PE experience) is now 5 years old and is fabulous. My leap of faith baby (#2) is now 8 months old this Sunday, and couldn't be more adorable! She looks just like her older brother and I'm sure he is tired of hearing that! She is in the 30th percentile for weight, and 75th on height. My long and lean little girl. She is in perfect health and smiles more than any baby I've ever met!

I posted last December about the difference in their 2 births, so I won't go into that, but I did want to come here to thank you all again and to let you know that the anxiety of going into a pregnancy after PE was SO worth it!

Thank you again for the amazing work you do here and for being such a great support system as I embarked on what was truly the scariest thing I have ever done in my life!

I'd love to post some pics, but not sure how to do it. I also haven't had any luck updating my avatar, so if someone can let me know what to do for that - I'd love to show off my kiddos!!!

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