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Re : essure!

Postby kdreher » Thu Nov 11, 638619 9:17 pm

I had it was super easy and it was done in the office. My copay was $100 (it's like a $5k procedure). Basically 1-2 hrs before the appt I took a vicodin and anti nausea pill (you must have someone drive and pick up). Then 1 hr before the procedure they gave me a shot - supposed to relax the fallopian tubes. The obgym and 2 nurses worked on me. I know they used a saline bag I think to flush the area clean and also a scope to watch monitor..they basically have this long thin tube with the "essure little brush" on the end and the scope leads them to the fallopian tubes. I will say it was a bit uncomfy...but 1/2 later and both were done. It was super easy, no going under the knife, I felt a little crampy the next day but that's it. Oh I also know that with my obgyn you MUST do one shot of depo and within that 90 day window have the essure done. The depo protects from getting pregnant, they do a preg test right before. THey do an hsg (dye test) about 90 days after.

Only issue I'm having now...I have been getting my period every 2 wks. My annual last month was good...I go in August to have a hsg test (dye test) done in the office to make sure the essure worked. I think the depo messed up my cycle.

I would NEVER have my tubes tied again..did that in 2001 and had it reversed in 2004. My body has been through enough. Dh wouldn't get snipped. I'm totally fine and glad I did it. Oh and my obgyn said many patients who are done with babies are opting for his. Effective rate is very good..only a few cases where the procedure didn't work due to the fallopian tubes.

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Re : essure!

Postby debbie78 » Tue Oct 19, 638619 11:20 am

I was talking with my ob about this at my pp check up. While I'm not ready to say I am 100% done, when we are, I am having this done. He said he would highly recommend it as it is as painless as you can go. Not completely, but the best of all the options out there as far as pain goes.

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Re : essure!

Postby kara » Sat Sep 25, 638619 6:37 am

Amy, after all you've been through can't you demand that he get snipped. That's what's gonna happen at my house. ;-)

A company I used to work for invested in Conceptus which is the maker of Essure. I haven't followed them in a looong time, but essentially the procedure can be done in the office or in a hospital setting. There is NO incision. They insert a metal coil into the fallopian tubes, vaginally. The tubes grow scar tissue around the coil so that eggs cannot be realeased. I believe it's success rate is as high as tubal. Pros are no surgery, cons are that you have to remain on birth control for 3 months to give time for the coil to scar through, and then you have to go back so they can check to make sure everything is sealed off. TO me, it sounds better than surgery.

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Postby kteacher » Sat Sep 25, 638619 4:22 am

What do any of you know about essure? I am looking for non-hormonal bc. I am COMPLETELY ABSOLUTELY 100% sure I do not want another pregnancy. Trying to talk husband (even bribing with a canoe) into being "snipped"...he's not going for it. Drats! So, it's up to me.

How does essure compare to having a tubal?

How exactly does it work? I want to make sure I am preventing fertilization, conception, etc.

Thanks ahead of time.

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