Cate's 6 mos well baby check

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Re : Cate's 6 mos well baby check

Postby kdreher » Thu Nov 11, 638619 9:05 pm

Wow Sabrina she really has shot up :) that's great. She sounds like Michael with the rolling over..he can..he's lazy. LOL. I agree though after all I've been through I'm entitled to spoil this boy..he's my one and only. I'm savoring every baby moment I can.

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Re : Cate's 6 mos well baby check

Postby debbie78 » Wed Oct 20, 638619 12:27 pm

Sounds like a wonderful appointment! How is that 6 mos have passed since you had her already?! Wow.

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Re : Cate's 6 mos well baby check

Postby kteacher » Sat Sep 25, 638619 4:27 am

Wonderful appt.

My Henry laped up his oral vaccine at his appt also. It must have some sweet stuff in it!

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Re : Cate's 6 mos well baby check

Postby mnmom » Sun Aug 22, 638619 5:38 pm

What a great update!

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Re : Cate's 6 mos well baby check

Postby rosalinda » Sat Aug 21, 638619 10:15 am

What a sweetie pie, she sounds just adorable.

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Cate's 6 mos well baby check

Postby missgamecock » Thu Aug 12, 638619 9:35 am

My 5lb baby girl is now 15lbs 4 ozs. She is in the 34th percentile for weight. Dr is very pleased with her weight and size. She said she is perfect! She is getting into 3-6 mos clothes now. She got three shots and an oral shot. She LOVED the oral shot and sucked it right down. We have started oatmeal with formula for her. We have held off on foods till we got some of her test results back. The dr read her xray report. It says specifically that her adenoids are enlarged and causing her esophagus to narrow. The dr said that most likely will mean surgery to remove them. We'll know more on the 30th when we see the ENT. Cate is not very big on rolling and stuff. She can roll. She chooses not to. Why should she when she has two big sisters and her momma and daddy doing everything for her? I told the dr after everything we went through to have her, we were entitled to spoil her a bit. :) Cate is babbling away. She has two front teeth coming through. She loves batting her toys on her carseat. We just love having her!

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