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Re : naps

Postby mommy1st » Mon Sep 13, 638619 2:10 pm

Just chiming in here! Braden will be 4 next month and he started giving up his naps the beginning of this summer. He now has rest time which means he is to stay in his room quietly and read books or play with something that is quiet. He is usually really good about it. I suspect though once he starts pre-k in August he'll be back to naps. Ocassionally he will take a nap during his quiet time and when he does I usually pay for it at bedtime!!
Here I was thinking my kid took naps for a long time, lol. A bunch of my friends kids stopped at like age 2-2.5!! With that, I find myself lucky:)

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Re : naps

Postby rebeccac » Sat Sep 04, 638619 5:20 pm

DS is 3 years, 4 mo. and sleeps 9-10 hours each night (but not solid, mind you) and naps 2-3 hours a day. If he skips a nap, evenings go downhill fast and his night time sleep is aweful (wakes every 2-3 hours during the night).

Frankly, I'm hoping he will continue his naps for at least another year or two. He is so much happier with lots of sleep.

(The sleep gene comes from my dad, I have it too!)

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Re : naps

Postby sckitzo » Mon Aug 23, 638619 9:45 am

Mine is 4 and 1/2 and she fights nap time horribly, and maybe once every week or two she will sleep at "nap Time" at day care. Then when I get off work at 5pm we have about a 20 min drive home and she is 8/10 times passed out by the time we are home, She will walk into the house lay on the couch and snooze any where from 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on how long is takes mommy to cook supper, She wakes up and eats. I have to make sure she does not sleep much past 1 1/2 hours or else bedtime will be way hard, and I get the "I'm not tired" whine. She can make it through a day without a nap but I is not fun.

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Re : naps

Postby amiejo » Sat Jun 26, 638619 5:15 am

I am envious of all of you. My kids will not take naps at home. At daycare, they will sleep like everyone else but at home, it is more of a fight than the cranky attitude I have to deal with at night. Sometimes we go on a car ride just so that they will fall asleep in the car. I do try to enforce quiet time...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!

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Re : naps

Postby surefoott » Fri Jun 25, 638619 3:30 pm

Wow, I am envious, too. My oldest was done napping during the day before she was 2. She would, however, sit in her crib and play for a short time. She was just the kind of baby/child who didn't want to miss a thing! My second napped well, but started Preschool at 2 1/2 so the naps ended then. They both went to bed fairly early, though; and slept until I woke them for Preschool or whatever in the a.m. Baby 3 barely took naps, or took them on the run, since I seemed to be taking child 1 and 2 everywhere; and I always said that Baby 3 never got to finish a nap. It's funny how they are all so different, and then different circumstances, like when you have to wake them to take to a babysitter or whatever, changes their whole day/sleep pattern! I think your little girl is just following her own sleep pattern!

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Re : naps

Postby caryn » Thu Jun 24, 638619 2:42 pm

Oscar has always fought naps, despite needing them badly. I'm envious.

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Re : naps

Postby kara » Thu Jun 24, 638619 1:54 pm

She truthfully cannot go without a nap, even one day (well she can, but it ain't pretty). Thanks for the experiences....makes me feel like she's just a normal kid that happens to still need a nap. She's also been growing alot, and I'm sure napping is more needed. She's still a peanut, but thankfully she's been filling out lately, and her legs are hurting, so she's probably about ready to sprout another inch.

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Re : naps

Postby trish » Tue Jun 15, 638619 8:18 am

Kara: my 5 3/4 year old took 2 hour naps until right around when she turned 5. Her little sister unfortunately gave up napping at the same time at only about 3 1/2. It was when we were moving out of state and everything was just a mess with their schedule. It seemed like most friends had given up naps LONG before 4 or 5.

Katie, who was 4 in April, still often *needs* a nap but only takes one maybe once a week. But without a nap she is *really* ready for bed by 7 which is nice. :) They do both have rest time every day where I put a movie on & they are quiet & I have some mommy computer time. :)

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Re : naps

Postby jmom08 » Tue Jun 15, 638619 5:49 am

Mine gave up his last nap about a month ago, and he's almost 3 1/2. He was early to give up his other naps, so I was expecting this one to happen early too, but it has still been hard. I would LOVE for him to take mommy sanity time, but haven't been able to get him to do it. He is like the energizer bunny all day long, never stopping... man am I exhausted. =)

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Re : naps

Postby mother bear » Mon Jun 14, 638619 5:25 pm

Well, I've got a 3 and a half year old who has mommy sanity time, reads a book out loud to herself in bed the whole time. I think she actually sleeps during nap time about once a week or so, and when she really really needs one, she'll actually put herself to bed for it. Of course, this is the kid who at 6 months of age (adjusted) thought that one 4 hour nap a day and 13 hours straight at night was just fine, which is NOT normal for that age. Everybody's different. They give them up when they give them up.

I think I need a nap.

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