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Re : Always wanting to be held & Isaiah's Pics

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 638616 2:15 am
by annoited
Thank you ladies.... I hope he gets better and if not, guess he's a mama's boy afterall lol!

Re : Always wanting to be held & Isaiah's Pics

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 638616 1:29 am
by jmom08
What a sweetie!! He is adorable.

I don't know how normal it is, but I had the exact same experience with DS. I was so jealous of moms who could put their babies in swings and get things done! DS hated every swing we tried, and cried every time we did tummy time for more than about 2 minutes. I was able to use a bouncy seat if I kept him right next to me, but I had to continue to interact with him whenever he was awake (and he was particular about which bouncer, we returned 2 before we found one he would tolerate). As mine got older, he did get better. I would be reassured if your doctor says it's OK, and would keep trying different things in the meantime. Maybe the baby sitter will know about other techniques as well. Good luck!!

Re : Always wanting to be held & Isaiah's Pics

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 638616 11:03 pm
by suleaf
Oh my, he's soooooo cute!!! I can't believe how big he's gotten throughout the pics- he's gorgeous.

I honestly have no advice of my own for the attachment- because I have the same problem. The baby sling helped me a great deal... it at least freed my arms up a bit. That way I could get things done. Lately it's been better- Samar is going on 11 weeks now and I think it started to get better in the last two weeks or so? He seems to like his swing and likes his activity mat.
I think it takes them time to learn to be independent and he probably does need some extra mommy loving at this point.

WHen you go back to work you both will have an adjustment of kinds... I think he will figure it out.

BTW, I LOOOOOOOVE the name Isaiah... one of my favorite names. My husband wanted to name Samar that but it was one of my favorite student's names (we're still in touch) and I could not do that. What a lovely name for a lovely little boy!

Always wanting to be held & Isaiah's Pics

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 638616 8:17 pm
by annoited
Hello Ladies - Sorry i haven't posted in a while, Isaiah is a handful, love him to death and i still find it hard to believe he is finally here and will be 10weeks tomorrow as a matter of fact wow! He weighs 12Lbs already, i was worried that he gained too much weight but his doc said it was ok and that he's in the 50th percentile so she wouldn't worry too much.

My problem however is that he always wants to be held, he doesnt want to stay on his swing, bouncer or the gym...He cries the minute he's put on any of his activity toys and stops the minute he's picked up. I love the attachement but I cant get anything done and i'm more worried for when i go back to work which is very much around the corner... He's baby sitter will def not be carrying him in her arms all day. How do i stop this habit? His doc said its ok because he's still very young and needs to be nurtured!! What do you all think?

Click on the link below to see his pics - ... Wblq2asWFO