25 pds at 2 yrs old?

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby mollysmom05 » Wed Feb 05, 638623 2:28 pm

I can't remember what Molly weighed at her 2 year but she is now 4 1/2 and is only 30 pounds. She's developmentally ahead of the game but has always been on the more petite side. We have been seeing a gastrointerologist and she's been tested for Celiac Disease, etc. and everything's come back fine so she's just going to be a petite girl! :0)

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby halo79rn » Sat Sep 04, 638619 1:28 pm

dd was 21 lb at 2yrs and 26 lb (with clothes on) at her 3 yr physical last January (big girl scale for the 3yr one, sitting scale for the 2yr visit). She has always been small... followed around 1st to 3rd percentile for a long time now. She's also only 10th percentile for ht... so she was 36" standing ht at 3yr and I think around 32 1/2" length (laying) at 2yrs. I put her in an 18m skirt the other day. she can wear 2T and 3T (needs 3T for shirt length and pant length in most brands now... although they are loose on her). At 2yr, she was in 18m,some 12m, some 2T tops for length.

ds will be 2 in Sept. I stood him on a scale at my mom's house a couple of weeks ago and would guess he's around 24lb. He was 23 1/2 lb at his 18m appt... and was 32 3/4 " at that 18 m appt. He's looking longer, but even slimmer. but he feels about as heavy if not heavier than dd... not sure if that's b/c he's a little shorter? ds wears some 18m and some 2T depending on brand.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby kelly1972 » Wed Jan 27, 638619 10:47 am

My daughter Nicole is almost 3 (in Sept) if she's 25 I would be surprised. I think she was only 22 lbs at 2. She's a skinny tall girl. It sounds like your daughter is growing really well. That's wonderful! I gave up on worrying about Nicole being little for her age. Even though it was hard. Gabrielle is gorgeous btw. Love your avatar! :)

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby sckitzo » Wed Jul 03, 638616 3:48 am

My daughter was 19pds at her 2 year check up. We finally gave up at aroung 2 1/2 and turned her car seat aroung (the weight limit was 20pds) Now at 4 1/2 she is 27 pds (on a good day) This sping I pulled out her summer clothes from last year, I finally was able to give away her 18 month clothes(they were finally to small) But I kept all her 2T skirts. For pants, shirts and dresses she is 3t to 4t. She is short for her age but Mom is only 5'1, so that is to be expected. She has no fat anywhere, and when she hangs up side down you can count every rib. But she is growing (at her own pace) she is very healthy, and still has way more energy then I could ever hope to have.

If they are continuing to grow on a reasonable growth curve then chances are everything is just fine.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby mother bear » Fri May 17, 638616 4:21 pm

My three year old was 25.6 pounds at her three year checkup, with clothing on. I did a little happy dance, because she had managed to gain 4 pounds in a year. My youngest child, who wasn't a preemie, I can only hope will be up to 23 pounds by her second birthday checkup, but if she's only 22 pounds, then <shrug>, what can I say? I guess I make skinny kids. And my kids are notoriously on the 50% percentile for height, too.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby mkvh » Fri May 17, 638616 11:59 am

My 40w pre-e baby (just shy of 8lbs at birth) was only 26 lbs at 2! Clothing label weights simply are a suggestion. It's just like adult clothes--a 6 is not a 6 everywhere, and everyone who is the same weight doesn't wear the same size. It just depends on build and body shape.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby kara » Mon May 06, 638616 3:20 am

Our 3.5 year old is about 28 or 29 lbs. 25 at 2 sounds pretty good! And remeber that height and weight make the differnce in how clothes fit. Between 2 and 3 they get taller and mature, but don't really gain a ton of weight...at least in our experience. You won't likely see the weight gain as you saw in her baby years.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby amanda » Mon May 06, 638616 3:11 am

We are crossing our fingers we will be 20 pds at 2. :(

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby ckthomas05 » Mon May 06, 638616 12:38 am

My DD, a 33 weeker, was 22 lbs at her 2yr check up last month.

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Re : 25 pds at 2 yrs old?

Postby trish » Thu Apr 25, 638616 2:45 pm

I don't remember 2 but my 2nd daughter (who wasn't even a preemie) was 26 lbs at her 3 year WCV. She was just over 30 lbs. at her 4 year in April. But clothes sizing is strange & each kids' body shape is different even at the same weight. She still wears 18 month pants as capri's & most 24 month & 2T shorts & skirts fit her still because her waist/hips/tushy are so small. But she wear 4T shirts & dresses usually.

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