3 year check-up

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Re : 3 year check-up

Postby melly » Tue May 04, 638315 7:30 am

Way to go Avery!!!

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Re : 3 year check-up

Postby jenanderson » Tue May 04, 638315 4:37 am

Yeah Avery, and good work Mommy! Sydney only weighs like 2.5lbs more and she's in the 75th percentile for weight. She's also in the 95th for height, not sure why I felt the need to add that! Didn't want you to think she was short and stout! It goes to show how little a difference between the top and bottom though. Again wooohooo!!!

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Re : 3 year check-up

Postby melib » Mon May 03, 638315 7:51 pm

This is wonderful! It is great not to dread these appointments, but to be able to look forward to your child reaching milestones. Congrats.

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julie f
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Re : 3 year check-up

Postby julie f » Mon May 03, 638315 7:43 pm

Go Avery!

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heather j
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Re : 3 year check-up

Postby heather j » Mon May 03, 638315 1:55 pm

Oh, those are such nice visits to have! Did you know N only outweighs her by 5 lbs (he's 4.5), so she's put the grow on for sure! Is this likely a result of her surgery? Go, Avery! Here's hoping this is THE time for the switch to whole milk!

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Re : 3 year check-up

Postby sonja » Mon May 03, 638315 1:52 pm

Yeah Kara. What great news.

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3 year check-up

Postby kara » Mon May 03, 638315 1:30 pm

Avery turned 3 last week and today we had her 3 year physical. It went so well. I'm not sure I've ever seen the pedi smile and laugh when it came to our appointments, but today we all smiled.

Avery had a huge jump in growth. A year ago she was in the 2nd-3rd percentile for weight, and today she was in the 12th percentile!!! WOOHOO!!! And for height she was 19th percentile.

This is the highest on the scale she's ever been. Touching almost 27lbs!

He couldn't believe how clear her speech is and that she was potty trained.

She did get prescribed Estrace today for a vaginal adhesion...something she's had problems with in the past...so he decided to try medication this time. It was $50 for this ginormous tube that we probably won't use a 10th of...only comes in one size and is a name brand with no generic, UGH! But, hopefully it helps.

Other than that she got a FANTASTIC report! We're going to try the switch from rice milk to whole milk...again. We'll see how that goes. No need to be seen again for a year! YAY!

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