pp bleeding

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Re : pp bleeding

Postby celticepona » Sun Mar 18, 638306 6:23 am

I bled for a while, weeks after Izzy and it was RED, but it had stopped well before 6 weeks. I'd give a call to your doc just to be safe.

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Re : pp bleeding

Postby annamaria » Tue Mar 06, 638306 5:13 am

id ontknow i heared after 6 weeks its should stop
yabe talk toyour doctor about it... bighug ih ope it goes away soonn
maybe ther was a blod clot in the uterus after s section that is now draining?
that what happend to me now.. im 20 day post s section..

after just a 5 days my bleeding stopped,, and iwas thiknnng im lucky lol,.. that after 2 weeks theye were doing an ultarsound
a nd found a blood clot inmy uterus and told me it will getout sometimes.. and that few days ago again istarted bleeing heavy,, passinglots of clots.. and now its almso stopped...

iknow also ifu doing too much,, picking heavythings it ca make u bleed heavir..
good luck ihope it resolves fast!

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heather j
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Re : pp bleeding

Postby heather j » Sun Mar 04, 638306 5:45 pm

After DS, mine lasted for a full six weeks and was consistently very heavy until it just stopped. With DD, it was pretty light until it stopped at 3 weeks. Both were sections, but DS was my PE pregnancy.

Agreeing with Kelly about putting a call in!

kelly w
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Re : pp bleeding

Postby kelly w » Wed Feb 21, 638306 7:46 pm

Hey, I don't know if there is any link with PE, but I do know from personal experience that bleeding can vary quite a bit by pregnancy. With one of my babies I bled for 10 weeks straight [I was convinced something was wrong towards the end, but it ended up just being normal for me], with another I only bled for 3 weeks [and I was sicker with PE that pregnancy]. The others were in the 5-6 week range... weird.

I think any bleeding past 6 weeks warrants a call to your OB, and if at 5 weeks you are still having bright red bleeding and/or heavy bleeding [sounds like you are having both], then you need to call your OB - today. They need to check you out. It could be normal for you, but *usually* the bleeding will have lightened up and stopped being bright red at 5 weeks.

I would say definitely call and get checked.


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pp bleeding

Postby wdersley » Wed Feb 21, 638306 11:10 am

Hi, is there any link with pre-e and prolonged bleeding pp? I had prolonged bleeding with #1 until 10 weeks but not with #2. Both c section deliveries but I had 3 pv bleeds with number 2 and lost a lot of blood during trial of labour and delivery. No 5 weeks pp with #3 again a c section delivery and no sign of the bleeding deminishing. Still very red and no real reduction in loss since day 3 pp. Not sure whether to be concerned or not. Anyone else had similar results and is there any link with pre e symptoms?

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