Crib Bumpers

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby rsgeller » Sun Mar 09, 638302 4:23 pm

Fabulous! Thanks Holly.

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby mommy1st » Sat Mar 08, 638302 12:58 pm

I just wanted to note that I was on babies r us website and they have the mesh for the same price as the one Jana posted but it's free shipping!!

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby summerw77 » Thu Nov 02, 638299 6:08 am

Thank you all! I am going to use this mesh bumper also! Kade says thanx cuz he gets his arms stuck an awful lot! Kade has an adorable bedroom set with giraffes, of course which he does not use because it's all on tohe top shelf of his closet. I am hoping on his toddler bed he can have it...........LOL. We also used the sleep sacks. They are awesome for winter babies especially. I swaddled him at first, but by 12 weeks he was getting out of that so we took the blanket out. The baby class we went to said nothing in the crib, so that's what we do. It does suck tho, it's not very cute at all LOL.

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby sel79 » Sun Oct 22, 638299 8:52 pm

I use the breathable bumper ( mesh ). It has given me piece of mind that my daughter will not get a arm stuck or if she scoots up against the crib, she can still breath.

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby rosemary » Sat Oct 21, 638299 5:32 pm

Shannon, thanks for posting the info about SIDS & the back-to-sleep campaign link. My personal opinion is either no bumpers or using the mesh bumpers. The Halo sleep sacks are also great. They keep your little one warm and eliminate the need for a blanket in the crib. Another thing that I have seen that promotes a safer sleep environment are sheets that are made like pillow cases (this eliminates any corners that may pop off/up).

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby jacobkaden » Sat Oct 21, 638299 1:48 pm

We took the infant CPR course and they were very against bumpers and stuffed animals in the crib. We used the bumpers after Jacob was older - he hates not being able to see out, by the way!

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby kara » Fri Sep 29, 638299 9:50 am

We still use a bumper in Avery's crib which is now a toddler bed. She's prone to whacking her arm or head against the slats hard enought to wake herself up crying, so we leave them in.

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby rebeccac » Fri Sep 29, 638299 8:28 am

We never used bumpers or a comforter in Zachary's crib. Poor guy had a bare bones bed! On the plus side, he was able to look out at his surroundings and we were able to see him and check on him without walking all the way into his room (didn't want to chance waking him up!).

OMG, I just remembered that we did use bumpers briefly when he went through a phase of rolling sleep. Kinda forgot about that! He must of been around 8-10 months when we used them.

jana m
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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby jana m » Fri Sep 29, 638299 6:53 am

No referral fee necessary :-). The mesh bumper has worked out great for us. The one thing I really like about it (aside from the fact that I don't have to worry about Xander harming himself) is that you don't have to take it off when you change the crib sheet. You can just push it up and then pull it back down when you are done. That is the one think I hated about the regular bumper. It would take me forever to untie and tie the strings when I wanted to change the crib sheet.

We also use the sleep sack and love it. Xander was swaddled in a Miracle Blanket until he was 3 months old and I walked in on him after a nap to find one of the arm flaps draped around his neck. Needless to say we did away with the swaddle! He was always able to break out of swaddles. I love the sleep sacks!

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Re : Crib Bumpers

Postby panguitch02 » Fri Sep 29, 638299 5:42 am

DH took a baby safety class, and we were also in the NICU when the RNs were receiving continued ed. about SIDS. In both instances they said....absolutely nothing in the crib. No bumper, No heavy comforters, no stuffed animals, and no positioners. Swaddling is ok. We use fleece crib sheets to add something cozy and when Jameson grew out of swaddling at 6 months, the swaddle only covered his arms by then, we added a sleep sack.

Jameson's crib looks so boring. Now that he is 1 year and out of SIDs danger I wanted to add a bumper, but it is not advisable b/c they step on them to try and escape.

The mesh bumper would be great. Wouldn't be cozy but would keep their limbs in. Wish I had heard about it months ago b/c it is no fun when the little one gets an arm or leg torqued between the crib railing.

One side note: The NICU nurses at our hospital were being discouraged from placing stuffed animals and quilts in the isoletes. Though the babies are on monitors and safe, the hospital didn't want parents to think it was ok to take babies home and let them lie or sleep with these items.

Here is a link for a "Back to Sleep" SIDs campaign site: ... ep_gen.cfm

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